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The Beta-5 Division is a cell of the Office of Naval Intelligence's Section Three. Like its parent section, the Beta-5 Division is often responsible for the development and application of top-secret, morally questionable projects. The cell is so secretive that few UNSC personnel, including those within ONI, are aware of its existence.[1][2]


The Beta-5 Division was charged with operating the SPARTAN-III program prior to the implementation of the Spartan branch, though many SPARTAN-IIIs were placed under the operational command of other services.[3][4][5] The Beta-5 Division also operates the Asymmetrical Action Group, which was created late in the Human-Covenant War in order to disrupt, disarm, and dissolve Covenant operations. Though the group was initially composed of unconventional warfare veterans, it eventually recruited Spartans into its ranks; the Beta-5 Division contracted Chalybs Defense Solutions to create a specialized MJOLNIR variant for the AAG's Spartan operators.[2][6] Beta-5 also operated the Ferret program overseen by Rear Admiral Serin Osman.[7][8]

The helmet used by Beta-5 security forces, which is derived from the standard CH252 helmet, is a shared asset among the branches of the UNSC and has also been adopted as a MJOLNIR variant.[6]

The Beta-5 Division possesses extremely sophisticated decryption facilities.[9]

By December 2553, prior to her ascension to the role of CINCONI, Rear Admiral Serin Osman served as the head of the Beta-5 Division.[8] Dr. Henry Glassman was integrated into Beta-5's experimental research group for his work in astrophysics and quantum theory.[10]

Operational history[edit]

During the Battle of Earth, Doctor Veronica Clayton interrogated Frederic-104, questioning his decisions during the defense of Reach, suggesting that his mistakes had damaged the Spartans' ability to adequately defend the planet. The interrogation was interrupted by a furious Fleet Admiral Hood, and over her protests that he had no authority over Beta-5 protocol he ordered Blue Team to deploy to Earth's surface to take part in operations.[11]

In 2552 prior to the destruction of SWORD Base, the Beta-5 Division recovered Dr. Catherine Halsey's personal journal and immediately declared it top secret.

Two months after the New Phoenix Incident and Cortana's supposed death, a Beta-5 operative known as Sapphire Three interviewed John-117 regarding his interactions with the AI in late 2552.[12]

During the Created uprising, Bets-5 operatives testing the STREET VIPER-class Mjolnir on Earth were methodically hunted down and killed by the Created.[13]

At somepoint, the Beta-5 operative who possessed the journal, as well as several artifacts pertaining to Spartan NOBLE Team, died; one of this operative's subordinates sent these contents in January 2610 to his cousin, a fellow Beta-5 operative. He warned his cousin about the dangers that possessing the artifacts could cause, as some individuals within Beta-5 Division would be willing to kill to keep their existence a secret.[14][15][16]

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