Unidentified Beta-5 Division operative

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Unidentified Beta-5 Division operative
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This unidentified operative is a former agent of the Office of Naval Intelligence's Beta-5 Division.[1]


After the Human-Covenant War's conclusion, the operative's superior requested and received a 600 series ONI security container filled with classified matériel concerning the actions of Noble Team during the Fall of Reach from Colonel W. B. Eton. This package included the personal journal of Dr. Catherine Halsey and a simulation of NOBLE Team's final actions.

The superior eventually died. The operative, who served under him in the 2580s, then acquired and sent the black box and its contents on January 15th, 2610 from Esztergom, Reach to their cousin on Earth. The container is bundled with a 1:53 scale replica of the Reach War Memorial at Hősök tere in New Alexandria, which had been requested by Ms. Bjarne, curator of the Museum of Humanity.[2]

The operative told their cousin to either deliver the container to Ms. Bjarne as a "curious relic" or to give it to someone at "IN". However, they grimly noted that the "old guard" might be willing to kill over the contents of the package. The operative trusted their cousin to "do the right thing".[1]


The operative and their cousin are likely of Chinese descent, as parts of the letter are written in Chinese.

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