600 series ONI security container

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The 600 series container (top row).

The 600 series ONI security container[1] is a black box device employed by the Office of Naval Intelligence Section Three[2]. Following the Fall of Reach, one such artifact containing the personal journal of Doctor Catherine Halsey was recovered from the ruins of SWORD Base. In January 2610, this archival unit was shipped by a former Beta-5 Division operative to the Museum of Humanity alongside a 1:53 sculpture of the Reach War Memorial in New Alexandria. By 2610, these containers were considered obsolete.[1]

Side labels[edit]

A picture of my Halo Reach LE.
The label on the box.
  p/Code: X16-69856-01
  Type: (#PO600-80522)
  Item: Archive Module
  SCI 20||0602||24
  167.6mm x 210.6mm x 78.0mm
  Unit Weight: 2.344lbs

  Lot: TATA26700-92 |XA|0707