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This article is about the doctor onboard UNSC Infinity. For the Spartan Ops mission, see S1/Expendable/Glassman.
Henry Glassman
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Biographical information


New Carthage[1]


February 1, 2522[1]






6'0" (183.4 cm)[1]


82 kilograms (180 lb)[1]

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Unified Earth Government


  • Doctor
  • Chief Engineer

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"If you take engines built by aliens a hundred thousand years ago, and hire a war criminal to bolt them onto the ship, you can't expect predictable behavior!"
— Glassman commenting on a sudden power loss aboard the UNSC Infinity.

Doctor Henry Glassman (Civilian Consultant 652562) is a civilian human scientist contracted by the UNSC Navy. He serves aboard UNSC Infinity as her chief engineer.[2]


Early life and career[edit]

Henry Glassman was born February 1, 2522 on New Carthage. He gained ONI's attention early on with his work in astrophysics and quantum theory. Several of his theories aided the UNSC's refinement of translight travel and led to his recruitment into ONI's Beta-5 Division's experimental research group.[1]

Work on the Infinity[edit]

Glassman was assigned in 2553 to the prototype ship Infinity. He had difficulty getting along with Dr. Catherine Halsey, who was installing the Forerunner engines on the ship.[3] As well, Glassman worked with the Huragok who were assigned to working on and repairing the ship. In a meeting with Admirals Terrence Hood and Margaret Parangosky, Glassman was asked if the Infinity could be sent to Sanghelios to aid the Arbiter, Thel 'Vadam, in the Blooding Years, which he was losing. Glassman approved the Infinity ready to be 'put through her paces'.[4] The Infinity was successful in defending Vadam keep from the Servants of the Abiding Truth.

In February of 2558, the Spartans of Fireteam Crimson recovered a Forerunner artifact from meddling Covenant archaeologists and brought it aboard Infinity. Just moments after unloading, the object began draining power from the ship, causing it to drift towards Requiem's entry corridor. Commander Sarah Palmer was able to clamp herself to the deck and temporarily deactivate the artifact by kicking it, allowing further examination by Infinity Science. Glassman, by physical interaction, unintentionally reactivated the object and subsequently "pulled" the doctor in, almost taking Captain Lasky in the process. [5]


Dr. Glassman escapes with Gabriel Thorne.

The artifact translocated him deep within a Covenant-held site on Requiem where he was beaten and interrogated by Sangheili soldiers. Jul 'Mdama, a shipmaster and leader in the opposing Covenant faction, thought of him as a "gift" in order to activate further Forerunner systems in the planet. [6] Glassman then began to work on an artifact in the Sangheili's hands, known to them as the "Shrine", under the careful watch of Gek 'Lhar. However, he could not do much due to the lack of proper equipment and communication; he was unable to speak the Sangheili tongue and most Sangheili did not speak English, and those who did were not too keen on using it.[7] Glassman eventually activated their Shrine, which prompted all other Sangheili, including Gek, within the vicinity to bow before it.[8] Glassman took the opportunity to escape, but was stopped by two Sangheili that also retained the Spartan Gabriel Thorne. Thorne killed his captors with a Storm Rifle, and when Gek remotely activated Glassman's plasma-charge-rigged-vest, Thorne quickly disposed of it and the two fled.[9]

As Glassman and Thorne continued their escape, Glassman grew tired and needed to rest. He asked why they were walking and why Thorne didn't contact Infinity. Thorne informed him his comm gear wasn't working. He asked Thorne how much further to where they were going and Thorne answered that they were headed for Galileo Base, a few kilometers away. Thorne soon realized there was a cloaked Sangheili in the area and informed Dr. Glassman to get to safety. Before he could escape they were attacked by Gek 'Lhar. Glassman attempted to help Thorne fight him but was easily thrown aside. When Thorne was stunned, Glassman attempted to steal Gek's energy sword, but the Sangheili stepped on his arm, breaking it. Just before Gek could kill them both, the Elite was killed by the arriving Fireteam Majestic. They proceeded to take devices off of Gek, DeMarco got his energy sword, Thorne took his active camouflage and Madsen found a map of Requiem.[10] Later, Fireteam Crimson assisted Dr. Glassman in decoding the map Madsen recovered from Gek. Glassman aided Fireteam Crimson by informing them how to activate nearby Forerunner defenses, including several turrets and AA guns.[11]

Return to Infinity[edit]

Soon after his rescue Glassman was returned to the Infinity via Pelican.[12] There, he told Lasky how to get the ship free of the planet's anchoring hold. The artifact in their hangar was connected to two other identical ones on Requiem's surface, and deactivating those would free the ship. Crimson and Majestic followed his instructions, and this allowed them to escape the shield world before it was pulled into its sun. Later he analyzed the half of the Janus Key recovered from Catherine Halsey, concluding that the artifact was inert and incomplete.[13]

Stranded in space[edit]

Main article: Battle of Aktis IV
Glassman with Palmer, analyzing 'Mdama's decoy artifact.

Five months after the Requiem Campaign, Glassman continued his inspection of the Janus Key. On July 18, he was visited by Commander Palmer as Infinity jumped to a potential site suitable for establishing UNSC research base Galileo II. As they discussed the artifacts found on Requiem, Infinity suddenly reappeared in an uncharted system. When the ship jumped to slipspace again, it reappeared a only quarter of a kilometer of her last position. Captain Lasky ordered Glassman and Palmer to go to Infinity's engine room. There Glassman discovered the ship's slipspace drive was overriding coordinates and defaulting back to ones in their local position, stranding the ship in a "Slipspace Cul-de-sac". Roland then informed them of an unusual energy reading coming from a nearby planet—Aktis IV. Glassman and Lasky theorized that it could be the source of the problem. Palmer led Fireteam Majestic to the planet's surface to investigate the issue.[14]

After the Spartans discovered a Forerunner structure, Glassman traveled to the surface of the planet to meet with Fireteam Majestic and Palmer to examine the structure. Glassman theorized that the structure was part of a translocation grid, and he soon discovered a Forerunner artifact. Glassman realized that the artifact had indentations the shape of the halves of the Janus Key and believed that the Key belonged in the artifact. Unbeknownst to the UNSC, 'Mdama and Halsey were monitoring Glassman and had created the decoy artifact in an attempt to steal the UNSC's half of the Janus Key. Glassman requested to have lab equipment brought to the Forerunner site, along with the Janus Key half, for further analyzing. However, as a D79-TC Pelican delivered the equipment and Key to the planet's surface, the dropship and its Broadsword escort were shot down by Sali 'Nyon's forces, a rogue splinter group of Jul 'Mdama's Covenant.[15]

Commander Palmer, Fireteam Majestic and Glassman remained under attack by Covenant forces inside the Forerunner structure and were unable to establish contact with Infinity. While they retreated inside the facility, Spartan Carlo Hoya was left behind outside. Palmer ordered Glassman to get the structure's teleportation grid online before the Covenant breached their defenses. Glassman informed her that the grid was online but he needed to decode the coordinates to the exit portal and there was no chance to successfully escape to a safer location. Glassman opened the teleportation grid. At Palmer's request, Glassman opened portals to both the jungle and the other end of the island. She ordered Tedra Grant, Glassman and three other Spartans to take the latter portal while Palmer, Ray, and Thorne took the former. On the other end of the island, Infinity had managed to deploy two Mantises as reinforcements. As they were fighting the Covenant forces, Grant's team arrived through the portal and were almost killed by friendly fire from the Mantises.[16] After retrieving both halves of the Janus Key, Jul's forces retreated from the system; Glassman and the rest of the team returned to Infinity.[17]

The Absolute Record[edit]

Main article: Operation: ATHENA
Glassman and the others being briefed before the operation.

After the battle at Aktis IV, Glassman took part in Operation: Athena alongside Commander Sarah Palmer, Gabriel Thorne, Holly Tanaka and Ayit 'Sevi, a Sangheili working with the Office of Naval Intelligence, was able to infiltrate inside Jul's faction and provided ONI with information about their plans. The military operation was designed by Admiral Serin Osman to prevent Covenant leader Jul 'Mdama and Dr. Catherine Halsey from accessing the Forerunner facility known as the Absolute Record. Under Osman's orders, Spartan Tanaka was specifically brought on the initial infiltration team to safeguard Dr. Glassman during the mission. On September 15, Glassman and the rest of the team were briefed on how they would infiltrate Jul 'Mdama's fleet by stowing away on-board the assault carrier Breath of Annihilation. Upon arrival at the Absolute Record, the team would separate from the fleet and use an advanced telemetry probe to transmit their location back to the UNSC for reinforcements.

Two days later on September 17, Ayit 'Sevi rendezvoused with Jul's fleet in the Urs–Fied–Joori system and sneaked Glassman and the other members inside the Breath of Annihilation. After the fleet jumped in and out of slipspace and neared the portal to the Absolute Record, multiple slipspace ruptures materialized into several ships of the fleet, one of which began to tear apart Annihilation. 'Sevi informed the team they had to abandon the ship and that their probe had been destroyed.[18]

The team was forced to flee and fight their way through a Covenant battalion in order to reach an undamaged hangar bay. When Dr. Glassman succumbed under the hazardous conditions of the ship and fainted, Tanaka carried and defended him from hostile attacks. Ayit 'Sevi soon procured a Phantom and transported everyone directly to Jul 'Mdama's flagship, Song of Retribution. With news that 'Mdama would push forward to the portal and reach the Absolute Record, the team resolved to split-up. Glassman remained aboard the Song with Palmer and Tanaka, while Thorne and 'Sevi returned to Annihilation in an attempt to use its communications to contact ONI.[19]

Tanaka and Palmer protecting Glassman.

However, Glassman and the others did not stay undiscovered for long. When the Song entered the portal and reached the Record, the custodian ancilla monitoring the facility detected the presence of Reclaimers aboard and summoned the humans from the ship, revealing their presence to the Covenant. The ancilla assembled both factions to inquire as to who was the rightful owner of the Janus Key and of the Record, but an outbreak of weapons fire from Jul's warriors caused the custodian to kill all the Elites except Jul.[20] It then tested both parties with a hypothetical scenario to see if they could be trusted with the Record's power, but Halsey interrupted the test by hacking the ancilla, disabling it and giving herself control of the Record.[21]

As Jul called reinforcements, Tanaka and Palmer fended off attacking Covenant while protecting Glassman, but were rescued by the timely intervention of a Sentinel. It turned out to contain the backup memory of the custodian AI, who requested the humans' help in restoring its control.[22] Tanaka and Palmer defended the Sentinel, and it reactivated its old body to overpower Halsey and take control of the Record from her. However, the Record began to fall apart after Jul ordered it fired upon to disrupt the Sentinel attacks, but Glassman aided Tanaka and Palmer in escaping by activating the local teleportation grid. They used it to teleport to the Breath of Annihilation, and were hidden there by 'Sevi until the ship returned to Sangheili space, after which the humans covertly escaped and were picked up by a UNSC prowler.[23]

Personality and traits[edit]

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Production notes[edit]

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  • He is voiced by Jeff Doba.
  • During production of the first five episodes of Spartan Ops, franchise writer and Spartan Ops author Brian Reed originally intended to kill off Glassman at the end of episode 2. However, as he continued writing subsequent episodes, Glassman "argued his way back into existence" and instead survived his encounter with the artifact.[24]


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