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This article is about the Episode 9 Chapter 5 of Spartan Ops. For the character, see Henry Glassman.


Crystal Ball


Key (cinematic)

EP8 CH5 Glassman.png


Halo 4


Fireteam Crimson




Control, Requiem


  • Investigate the Forerunner structure.
  • Defeat the Covenant counterattack.
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Dr. Glassman has requested the assistance of Spartans in decoding a map recovered from the Covenant. Fireteam Crimson are inbound to assist.

Glassman is the fifth chapter of Spartan Ops' eighth episode, Expendable.[1]


At Dr. Glassman's request, Fireteam Crimson is sent to investigate a nearby Forerunner structure so that Glassman can determine if he's reading the map of Requiem taken from Gek 'Lhar correctly. He hopes the map will be able to help him find a way to free Infinity from Requiem. Crimson lands at the structure and takes out the initial Covenant force guarding it. While Glassman directs them to various locations at the structure, the Covenant send in reinforcements. However, Glassman is able to assist Crimson by instructing them on how to activate the structure's beam turrets and anti-aircraft guns. He also leads them to a stockpile of Promethean heavy weapons. After defeating the Covenant counterattack, Crimson evacs the area in a Pelican.


All dialogue is spoken through the COM.


Fade in to a Covenant-occupied Forerunner structure. A Sangheili barks orders to his Unggoy subordinates, who scramble to get into defensive positions. They are obviously expecting company.

  • Spartan Gabriel Thorne: “Commander Palmer, Majestic here. Dr. Glassman’s got a favor to ask. Roland says Crimson’s in a place to help.”


  • Dr. Henry Glassman: “Spartan Thorne found a Covenant map. I think I can read it, but-”
  • Thorne: “Dr. Glassman wants to know if Crimson can take a look for him?”
  • Thorne: “Location’s right here, Commander.”

First map location is marked.

  • Glassman: “If I’m reading this map right, that location should be a hub for energy flowing through a Forerunner structure.”

Crimson engages the Covenant forces guarding the structure. They move into the structure’s interior and down a ramp, where they find their first objective.

  • Spartan Jared Miller: “I’ll run a survey through Crimson’s armor sensors. Just a sec.”

Scan is conducted. The orange highlights surrounding the objective turn blue.

  • Miller: “It checks out, Dr. Glassman.”
  • Palmer: “Okay. So what have we proved?”
  • Glassman: “Hmmm... Nothing yet. Science requires more than one piece of evidence. Spartan Thorne, can you show them this location?”
  • Thorne: “Sure thing, Doctor.”

Second map location is marked.

  • Miller: “Covenant craft inbound!”
  • Palmer: “Crimson, deal with them. We’ll play scientist when you’re done.”

Enemy Phantom arrives and deploys more Covenant troops.

When Crimson reaches the second location:

  • Glassman: “Commander Palmer, can we get another reading at Crimson’s new location?”
  • Palmer: “Miller?”
  • Miller: “Same as before, Commander.”

Scan is conducted. Two golden beams of light are emitted from the structure.

  • Glassman: “Did two massive beams of light just appear near Crimson’s position?”
  • Miller: “Yes. Why?”
  • Glassman: (excited) “Oh this is really amazing. I mean... advanced as we are, our maps have got nothing on this thing.”
  • Palmer: (impatient) “Doctor, what’s the point? What are we doing?”
  • Glassman: “I’m making sure I can read this map correctly so that maybe, if we’re lucky, I can get Infinity free of Requiem. Now if I’m reading this right, which I think I am, activating this location will give you some respite.”

New objective locations are marked.

Crimson clears out the Covenant attackers.

  • Miller: “Good work, Crimson.”

Another scan is conducted:

  • Miller: “Right again, Doc.”
  • Palmer: “Phantom on approach.”

A Phantom deploys additional Covenant troops.

  • Glassman: “Good, good. Thorne, can you show them this location? It will activate a turret defense system. I think.”

Turret defense system is marked.

Crimson activates the defense system. Friendly beam turrets appear.

  • Miller: “Phantom on approach.”

Phantom deploys another wave of Covenant troops. Crimson engages the enemy. With the aid of the beam turrets, they fend off the assault

  • Palmer: “Hell of a magic trick, Doc.”
  • Glassman: “You want magic tricks? How’s this? Thorne, show Commander Palmer these locations.”

More locations are marked.

Crimson activates the designated locations. Supply crates holding Forerunner weapons materialize.

  • Thorne: “Heavy weapons?”
  • Glassman: “Pretty great, huh?”

A Covenant drop pod unloads more enemy troops. Crimson uses the newly provided weapons to defeat them all.

  • Palmer: “All right. I’m starting to see the usefulness.”
  • Miller: “Here they come.”

Phantom deploys more Covenant troops.

  • Palmer: “What else have you got?”

Anti-aircraft gun locations are marked.

Crimson activates the first anti-aircraft turret:

  • Miller: “This map’s checking out nicely, Doctor Glassman.”
  • Glassman: “And it’s got a twin. I know how you Spartans like to blow things up.”

Second anti-aircraft turret is activated:

  • Palmer: “Doc, you're five for five. I’m cutting the science short for today.”
  • Glassman: “Understood.”

A Covenant drop pod lands in the middle of the base, unleashing a new wave of Covenant troops.

  • Miller: “Secure the base, Crimson.”

Crimson eliminates most of the Covenant:

  • Miller: "Almost done. Just a few stragglers."

Once the Covenant attackers are defeated:

  • Palmer: “Additional targets inbound!”

Three Phantoms bear down on Crimson’s position. The powerful Forerunner anti-aircraft guns easily destroy them.

  • Miller: “Phantoms down! The AA guns shot them out of the sky!”
  • Palmer: “Crimson, clean up the garbage they dropped, and you’re in the clear.”

More Phantoms appear and deploy ground forces - including Wraiths.

Crimson defeats the enemy ground forces, while the AA guns take care of the Phantoms.

  • Miller: “You’re clear. Fall back to the LZ and come on home.”

Pelican arrives and picks up Crimson.


Crimson’s Pelican leaves the Forerunner installation.

  • Palmer: “Nice work today, Crimson. I’ll get you the ribbons for your science fair projects when you’re back on Infinity.”


Level ends.