Second Raid on Control

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Raid on Lockup


Skirmish at Librarian's Rest

Second Raid on Control


Post-Covenant War conflicts


"Control", Requiem, Epoloch system


  • Decisive UNSC victory
    • Map stolen from Gek 'Lhar successfully deciphered
  • None
  • Heavy

Gabriel Thorne: "Commander Palmer, Majestic here. Dr. Glassman’s got a favor to ask. Roland says Crimson’s in a place to help."
Henry Glassman: "Spartan Thorne found a Covenant map. I think I can read it, but-"
Gabriel Thorne: "Dr. Glassman wants to know if Crimson can take a look for him?"
Sarah Palmer: "Sure. Why not."
— Gabriel Thorne, Henry Glassman and Sarah Palmer discuss the mission.[1]

During the Requiem Campaign, Fireteam Crimson launched a raid on the location known as "Control" to test out Doctor Henry Glassman's understanding of the map of Requiem stolen from Gek 'Lhar.


During a mission in "the Cauldron," Fireteam Crimson were able to retrieve a mysterious Forerunner artifact that they transported back to the UNSC Infinity.[2] While examining the artifact, Doctor Henry Glassman accidentally activated it and was pulled in.[3] Glassman was transported to Requiem's surface where he was captured by Covenant forces. In exchange for his life being spared, Glassman agreed to help Jul 'Mdama access the shrine at "Librarian's Rest"[4] to gain access to the imprint of the Librarian stored within. Glassman was forced to work with inadequate equipment,[5] but eventually succeeded in activating a protective shield around the shrine, albeit without knowing exactly what he had accomplished.[6]

Due to Glassman's disappearance, Doctor Catherine Halsey was brought in to help examine the artifact.[4] Jul contacted her in secret, offering Halsey information about the Prometheans.[5] After Fireteam Crimson and Fireteam Majestic retrieved "the Didact's Gift," it was revealed to be the "soul" of a Promethean Knight, a human digitized by the Composer during the New Phoenix Incident six months earlier. As Halsey communicated with Jul about the discovery, she was found out by Commander Sarah Palmer and arrested for her actions. Spartan Gabriel Thorne, confused by the appearance of the artifact in the memories revealed in "the Didact's Gift," inadvertently activated it and was transported to "the Cauldron."[6] Despite putting up a fight, Thorne was ultimately captured by two Sangheili Storm and taken to "Librarian's Rest" which was eventually detected by Roland.[7]

Thorne managed to esacpe with Glassman, chased by Gek 'Lhar.[7] The two were eventually rescued by the rest of Fireteam Majestic who killed Gek and looted his body.[8] Shortly thereafter, team leader Paul DeMarco contacted the Infinity for help as Majestic was under fire from Covenant heavy artillery. Commander Sarah Palmer redeployed Fireteam Crimson, who had just finished a mission at "Apex," to assist them.[9] Working together, Fireteam Crimson and Fireteam Kodiak assaulted the Covenant position at "Cyclone" and successfully destroyed the batteries, saving Majestic and Glassman.[10]


Investigating Glassman's map[edit]

At the request of Doctor Henry Glassman and Spartan Gabriel Thorne, Fireteam Crimson were deployed back to "Control" to confirm Glassman's understanding of the map stolen off of Gek 'Lhar. Crimson battled through heavy Covenant defenses as Glassman directed them to what he believed the map was showing to be a hub for energy flowing through the Forerunner structure. Crimson managed to clear out the Covenant defenders and reached the hub. Spartan Jared Miller ran a survey through Crimson's armor's sensors, ultimately confirming that Glassman was correct in his interpretation of what the map indicated the hub to be.

Despite the confirmation, Glassman was unsatisfied as he felt they needed more confirmation and had Thorne direct them to another location indicated on the stolen map. However, Covenant Phantoms deployed reinforcements that Crimson had to fight through before they could continue their mission for Glassman. After clearing out the area, Crimson helped Glassman scan the location indicated by his map, causing two golden beams of light to shoot into the sky from the Forerunner structure. Glassman was amazed by the results, noting that despite how advanced they were, their own mapping systems had nothing on the Forerunner map. Glassman explained to Commander Sarah Palmer that he was making sure he could read the map correctly because, if they were lucky, he could use it to help free the UNSC Infinity from Requiem.[1]

Defending against the Covenant[edit]

With more Covenant reinforcements approaching, Glassman directed Crimson to a location that he believed would give them some respite and then to another location that activated Forerunner beam turrets to help fight off the Covenant. Glassman then directed Crimson to activate more locations that deployed supply caches containing heavy Forerunner weapons. With the heavy weapons, Crimson fended off more Covenant forces deployed by Phantoms and heavy orbital insertion pods.

Glassman next directed Crimson to activate Forerunner anti-aircraft guns to help defend their position. Pleased with the success so far, Palmer decided to cut the mission short which Glassman agreed with. Crimson then fought off a wave of Covenant delivered by a drop pod before three Phantoms carrying even more reinforcements were destroyed by the anti-aircraft guns they had activated. As Crimson prepared to deal with the enemies dropped by the Phantoms before their destruction, more Phantoms arrived carrying Wraiths which they managed to deploy before being destroyed. With the help of the defenses that they had activated around the area and the Forerunner weapons, Crimson managed to eliminate all of the Covenant. With the Covenant gone, Crimson were extracted by Pelican to the Infinity.[1]


With his understanding of the Forerunner map confirmed, Doctor Henry Glassman was extracted by Pelican to the UNSC Infinity while Fireteam Majestic were redeployed to rescue Doctor Catherine Halsey.[11] With the combination of the map retrieved from Gek 'Lhar and a map recovered by Fireteam Crimson from "Lockup,"[12] Glassman was able to figure out how to free Infinity from Requiem just in time to avoid the shield world's destruction.[13]

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