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Raid on Cyclone


Post-Covenant War conflicts


February 2558


"Cyclone", Requiem, Epoloch system


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"Crimson, your job is to take out these Covie plasma stockpiles. Lots of explosions. Should be good fun."
— Sarah Palmer[1]

During the Requiem Campaign, Fireteam Crimson and Lieutenant TJ Murphy launched a raid on a Covenant supply depot located at "Cyclone."


While searching for the missing Spartan Gabriel Thorne, Fireteam Crimson was ambushed at the "Quarry" and captured.[2] Taken to "Lockup," Crimson managed to escape with the help of Jared Miller and Robert Dalton and rescued Icebreaker squad who were held captive at the facility as well. Lieutenant TJ Murphy of Icebreaker squad successfully managed to hijack a Covenant Phantom which he and Crimson used to escape from "Lockup."[3]

Following their escape, Crimson's Phantom, mistaken by the Covenant for one of their own, was ordered to land at "Control." Crimson was able to infiltrate the facility and access three Covenant comm relays, allowing Roland to implant computer worms into them in order to access the data. Crimson then made their escape after eliminating the Covenant reinforcements.[4] In the "Warrens," Crimson accessed a central intel center revealed by the data extracted at "Control." The information in the intel center revealed a Covenant archeological dig that Fireteam Switchback was sent to investigate while Fireteam Crimson was deployed to investigate the supply depot.[5]


Destroying the plasma stockpiles[edit]

Fireteam Crimson was transported by Lieutenant TJ Murphy in their stolen Phantom to "Cyclone." Commander Sarah Palmer ordered the Spartans to destroy the plasma stockpiles located there. Almost immediately upon landing, Crimson was engaged by Covenant troops, including Ghosts, while Murphy's Phantom provided them with covering fire. As Crimson fended off the attacking Covenant, Spartan Jared Miller detected the first plasma stockpile and directed Crimson to the location. Clearing out the nearby Covenant forces, Crimson successfully destroyed the stockpile.

After the destruction of the first stockpile, Miller detected UNSC inventory transponders near Crimson's position and Palmer ordered Crimson to check it out. Crimson cleared out the Covenant forces near the stolen UNSC gear, allowing Miller to use their armor's sensors to get a scan on the equipment. Once the scan was done, Miller tracked down an override system for the doors to the central structure, but Crimson found the entrance blocked. Instead, Miller redirected Crimson to a second plasma stockpile that he had detected. However, this one was guarded by a heavier Covenant presence, including a Wraith. Despite the heavy resistance, Crimson was able to clear the area and destroy the second plasma stockpile.

Miller located the last plasma stockpile, at least the last stockpile outside and directed Crimson to its location. Crimson was able to destroy the third plasma stockpile, depriving the Covenant of further use of the stockpiles.[1]

A horrifying discovery[edit]

After the stockpiles were destroyed, Crimson came under attack by Covenant reinforcements including Kig-Yar Snipers and more Ghosts. Crimson was able to eliminate the Covenant forces while Miller searched for a way into the central structure. Finally, Miller was able to locate a gravity lift leading into the locked structure where the override system was located. Crimson eliminated the Stealth Sangheili patrolling the structure and activated the override system, opening up the structure they were in and the central structure.

After the central structure was opened up, Phantoms dropped more reinforcements, including Hunters. Robert Dalton quickly sent Crimson ordnance pods containing Spartan Lasers to aid the Spartans against the Hunters. Crimson managed to eliminate the Covenant reinforcements, but discovered Stealth Elites guarding the central structure and quickly killed them.

As Crimson moved into the central structure, Miller picked up the source of a strange reading that he had detected when Crimson opened the door. Investigating, Crimson discovered a stockpile of stolen UNSC HAVOK tactical nuclear missiles, but with their warheads removed and taken somewhere else by the Covenant.

Before Crimson could investigate further, Palmer received a distress call from Spartan Cara Costabile of Fireteam Switchback reporting that the Covenant had a Harvester and Switchback was encountering massive resistance and requesting backup. As Crimson was the closest, Palmer ordered Crimson to fall out and help Switchback. Heading back outside, Crimson was extracted by Murphy's Phantom to go and help Switchback.[1]


Fireteam Crimson was redeployed to the Covenant archeological dig site, but discovered that Fireteam Switchback had gone missing in action. Unable to find Switchback, Crimson completed Switchback's original mission to disable the Harvester.[6]

During the subsequent invasion of the UNSC Infinity, it was discovered that the stolen HAVOK warheads had been taken by the Covenant as a part of their plan to destroy the Infinity. However, the attempt was thwarted by Crimson who managed to disarm the warheads.[7]

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