Fireteam Switchback

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This article is about the SPARTAN-IV fireteam. For the Spartan Ops chapter, see Scattered/Switchback.
Fireteam Switchback
Spartan-IVs (including Bradford Gale) from Fireteam Switchback in Warrens during Requiem Campaign, as seen in Halo 4 Spartan Ops Episode 7 Expendable Chapter 3 Lancer.


Active as of 2558


United Nations Space Command




Five operators


Requiem Campaign


Cara Costabile (formerly)


Fireteam Switchback is a team of SPARTAN-IVs.


In 2558, during the Requiem Campaign, Switchback was assigned to investigate a Covenant dig site. Soon after, Switchback reported the Covenant were using a Harvester and they were encountering heavy resistance and were in need of reinforcements. Fireteam Crimson was closest to their location and was sent in response.[1] When Crimson arrived, they only found Switchback's blank IFF tags and heavy Covenant/Promethean resistance, though Switchback had succeeded in disabling the Harvester. Crimson proceeded to ensure the Harvester was permanently disabled before leaving the area.[2]

Spartan Miller later detected an SOS being broadcast on a Covenant frequency as Crimson took the area known as "Apex."[3] Subsequently, while Crimson was on a mission in the "Warrens" with Fireteam Lancer, Miller detected the strange signal again. The SOS led Crimson to the imprisoned Switchback whom they rescued. When questioned on Costabile's status Gale informed Commander Palmer that she had been killed by Covenant forces. With the help of Crimson and Lancer, the four surviving members of Switchback escaped their prison and were extracted by Lt. TJ Murphy in a Pelican along with Crimson.[4]


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