Team X-ray

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Team X-ray


c. 2539


United Nations Space Command



Team X-ray was a team in the SPARTAN-III program's Beta Company.[1]


Shortly after beginning training circa 2539,[2][3][Note 1] Team X-ray went to exercise "up north" on Onyx where they disappeared after having reported sightings of "floating eyes." Fellow Spartan-IIIs thought X-ray had been killed by drill instructors who then covered it up. ONI came to investigate, designated the area as "Zone 67," and forbade access to it.[1] It was discovered years later by Kurt-051, Catherine Halsey, Franklin Mendez, along with the surviving Spartan-IIs and IIIs, that they had encountered the Onyx Sentinels and were presumably killed by them.

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  1. ^ Lessons Learned establishes that Beta Company members Tom-B292 and Lucy-B091 were six years old when they started their training. Page 106 of the Halo Encyclopedia (2022 edition) establishes that Tom and Lucy were born on April 14, 2533 and January 28, 2533, respectively. This makes Beta Company's start date somewhere between April 2539 and January 2540.


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