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Fireteam Apollo
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Fireteam Apollo is a specialized fireteam of rotating Spartan-IV supersoldiers assigned to UNSC Infinity. The members of the fireteam are primarily newer recruits, placed together in a variety of combinations.[2] Apollo's emblem features a stylized bow and arrow, representing its namesake's association with archery.



In around July 2556, Fireteam Apollo was dispatched to the exclusion zone near Threshold in order to look for something as part of Operation: SHELL GAME. The Office of Naval Intelligence was intimately involved in this operation, which also was related to information gathered in Kenya during the Battle for Earth in 2552. The mission was in direct violation of the Treaty of 2552 made between the UEG and the Swords of Sanghelios. Apollo recovered the black-box from the CCS-class battlecruiser Undiminished Entelechy. From this, a recorded conversation between Supreme Commander Thel 'Vadamee and the Prophet of Stewardship was found. In addition, data gathered by Apollo was used to construct two War Games environments based around the battlecruiser.[3]

On June 8 2557, Fireteam Apollo was dispatched aboard the ONI prowler UNSC Taurokado to the Korinth Prior system. There, the team discovered evidence of the long-lost UNSC Spirit of Fire in the debris of Etran Harborage. While surveying the debris field, Apollo was dispatched aboard F-41 Broadswords to engage a hostile Covenant remnant battlegroup. After destroying two waves of Seraph fighters, Fireteam Apollo returned to the prowler, which launched a sensor buoy and fled the system.[4]

Sometime prior to July 21, 2557, Fireteam Apollo was sent to the Ark for Recon for 576.7 hours based out of the Henry Lamb Research Outpost, where they found a Type-31 records module from the frigate Twilight Compunction.[5]

Throughout 2557, Fireteam Apollo came into conflict with the crew of the salvager Ace of Spades while trying to help ONI recover 343 Guilty Spark, particularly team leader Dylan Novak. Fireteam Apollo faced off with the Ace of Spades crew on Binterall and beneath Mount Kilimanjaro on Earth. In the latter encounter, Spark unexpectedly returned to help and brought a rocky outcropping down on the team and an ONI special ops team's heads, forcing them to retreat long enough for the crew to escape using a translocation pad.[6]

In December 2557, Novak was tipped off by Rion Forge to the location of Gek 'Lhar in the hopes that the team could stop the Sangheili commander.[7]

In September 2558, 92738-61842-LC joined the team, and the whole team was assigned to UNSC Infinity.[8]

Behind the scenes[edit]

Fireteam Apollo exists to provide an in-universe context for the Halo Legendary Crate.[1] The recipient fills the role of team member 92738-61842-LC, whose initials are a reference to the Legendary Crate and/or to its purveyors, Loot Crate. The story of Fireteam Apollo is told throughout the released Crates and may be continued in other future media. Apollo is similar to Spartan Ops' Fireteam Crimson in which the identities of the fireteam's members remain undefined to allow fans to immerse themselves into the characters' roles.[2]


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