Korinth Prior system

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The Korinth Prior system is a planetary system in a region of space within the Forerunner ecumene. Orbiting a K-type dwarf star,[1] the system was the location of Trove, which was the fourth astronomical body in the system.[2] Even as late as 2557, the system continues to lie in uncharted space for humanity.[3][4]


The system was discovered by the Covenant at some point prior to February 2531. It was uncharted by the UNSC at this point.

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The UNSC Spirit of Fire followed the Covenant to the system after Professor Ellen Anders had been captured by Arbiter Ripa 'Moramee during the Battle for Arcadia. The shield world was eventually destroyed when the crew of the Spirit of Fire realized that the shield contained ancient Sojourner-class dreadnoughts that the Covenant were trying to use. The crew sacrificed their Slipspace drive to destroy Etran Harborage, resulting in the ship being unable to return to UNSC controlled-space. Instead, the Spirit of Fire became lost in space for over 20 years.[5] Its destruction left a massive debris field forming an accretion disk around the system's star.[1]

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In 2557, the system was also investigated by the ONI Prowler UNSC Taurokado and Fireteam Apollo. Searching the debris field, they confirmed it as the remains of a shield world and also uncovered evidence of the Spirit of Fire. At the same time, it was also visited by a Covenant battle group led by Gek 'Lhar. On June 21, UNSC AI Turkish generated a report which recommended an asset-denial or counter force operation in the system to deny the Covenant access to any Forerunner technology found there.[1] On June 29, a massive UNSC fleet returned to the system and nuked the debris field, blowing it to bits and disrupting its gravity with the system's star. Anything that survived the nuclear bombardment would most likely be pulled into the system's dwarf star, eliminating whatever remained and denying any surviving Forerunner technology to the Covenant.[6]

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