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92738-61842-LC is the service number of a Spartan-IV supersoldier. LC serves on Fireteam Apollo, a unit assigned to the UNSC Infinity,[1] as a Squad Designated Marksman.[2]



In 2558, 92738-61842-LC received documents stating the Spartan was assigned to Fireteam Apollo, and upon assignment to the team, LC was ordered to report to the UNSC Infinity by September 1, 2558.[3]

Investigating Cortana[edit]

After the Subjugation of Earth, Captain Thomas Lasky assigned LC to track down the root cause of Cortana's state after she survived her supposed destruction on the Mantle's Approach.[4] LC inquired to Peleg about "the Cyroraeth Dialogue", a transcript of a conversation between Cortana and Aine during the events of the Battle of Requiem, learning the truth about Aine's deactivation. While LC's solicitation was accepted, the document would be self-excised 35 minutes after the Spartan would receive it.[5] LC also inquired to Zed Rhodros about the interrogation of a San'Shyuum prisoner in Midnight Facility named Alo Sebukah, who managed to escape High Charity and heard Cortana being tortured by the Gravemind.[6]

Some time later, LC inquired to "Sapphire Three" from ONI's Beta-5 Division about an interview she conducted with John-117 on September 26, 2557, about the time he rescued Cortana on High Charity and about his visions of her during the battles of Kenya and Installation 00.[2] After this review, LC would ask Peleg to gain access to the file "Clayton Transmission B12", an interview between Sergeant Avery Johnson and Doctor Veronica Clayton before the Battle of Earth on 2552, about Cortana's contact with a Covenant associated intelligence during Operation: FIRST STRIKE.[7]

On January 23, 2559, at 0852, LC interviewed Sarah Palmer about Cortana and her status when the AI was brought onboard the UNSC Infinity during the Battle of Requiem, and asked whether she believed Cortana deserved to be committed to the final dispensation at that time, to which Palmer answered that she should have been put on stasis. During the conversation, Palmer proposed that the way Cortana was created may have had something to do with the AI's current state.[4]

On January 24, 2559, at 1252, LC interviewed Dr. Catherine Halsey about Cortana's origins. Halsey told LC about the first words Cortana said to her, concluding that Cortana, by taking over the galaxy, wants to survive for all eternity, and that now could be possible for her with the Domain.[8]


The Spartan is qualified to wear the HELIOSKRILL variant of the Mjolnir GEN2 armor.[9][10]


92738-62842-LC's initials (LC) are a reference to Loot Crate, the origin of Fireteam Apollo.



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