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Biographical information

Began service:

Before October 28, 2558

Political and military information




Archive assessor

Service number:

PLG 3276-4


Peleg (AI Serial Number: PLG 3276-4) is a UNSC Artificial Intelligence construct onboard the UNSC Infinity and is the ship's subsidiary archive assessor.[1]


Following the Subjugation of Earth, Spartan 92738-61842-LC of Fireteam Apollo attempted to establish a link between the recent Guardian incident and an earlier event involving Cortana. After making inquiry to signals intelligence and being given clearance by Captain Thomas Lasky, Peleg provided the Spartan with a file containing "the Cyroraeth Dialogue", a transcript of a conversation between Cortana and Aine during the events of the Battle of Requiem. Peleg informed LC the document shed light on the truth behind Aine's deactivation and would be self-excised 35 minutes after the spartan would receive it.[1]