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This article is about the artificial intelligence. For the ONI vice admiral, see Gabriella Dvørak.
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Biographical information




A UNSC admiral[1][2]



Political and military information


United Nations Space Command[3]


Caretaker of an Outpost Discovery[4]

Service number:

GBA 0983-6[4]

"Greetings. I am Gabriela, the AI caretaker of Outpost Discovery. I will be your guide as you explore the outpost's exhibits and experiences."
— Gabriela welcomes visitors to one of the UNSC's Outpost Discovery locations.[4]

Gabriela (serial number GBA 0983-6) was a fifth-generation "smart" artificial intelligence[5] of the United Nations Space Command, entrusted to be the caretaker of an Outpost Discovery on Earth.[3][4] By late 2553, she was considered to the only one of her kind to contain a complete record of all cataloged human history, having been created near the end of the Human-Covenant War to potentially safeguard humankind's legacy.[3][6][7][8] Once thought lost in the aftermath of the Fall of Reach, she was recovered from Sephune III in the latter half of that year by Linda-058.[3][9]

Gabriela later assisted with the aforementioned Outpost Discovery at major population centers on Earth.[9][10] When a reclaimed section of an SDV-class heavy corvette was brought to Earth for inclusion at one of the outposts, Gabriela was instrumental in preventing a catastrophic explosion that a lingering Covenant autonomous security protocol subroutine attempted to trigger.[11]


Creation, loss, and recovery[edit]

Athos: "The mission parameters have changed. I detected an intact A.I. we thought lost with the Promise."
Linda-058: "Another A.I.? All right, I'll finish Chen and—"
Athos: "Not 'another A.I.'. The only A.I. to contain a complete record of all of human history. Alas, only Chen would know where it is. This A.I. is now the entirety of the mission."
— The revelation of Gabriela's survival and presence on Sephune III radically changes Linda and Athos' mission.[8]
Doctor Chen Bax had intentionally kept the survivors of the Promise trapped on Sephune III for around a year while he worked to secure Gabriela.[4]

Gabriela was created from the neural scans of the deceased admiral Gabriela Castaneda, an inspiring leader, fearless warrior, and skilled diplomat.[2] Gabriela was still a nascent A.I. matrix when the Paris-class heavy frigate UNSC Promise of Dawn was chosen as a vessel of safekeeping for her.[6] She was an invaluable asset that represented humanity's attempt to rebuild—even if from the ground up.[6] She was to serve as a time capsule of sorts—prepared to imbue with rekindled hope after an impossible victory over the Covenant, or to carry on lost history, ensuring humanity's legacy could still be learned.[6] During the Fall of Reach in August 2552, Gabriela was thought lost along with the rest of the ship, which disappeared after the battle.[6][7][8]

At some point in the latter half of 2553 the Office of Naval Intelligence received a distress signal from the frigate's survivors, coming from the largely Covenant-controlled Sephune III.[7] The Dawn had crashed there following its flight from Reach.[12] Given the possibility that Gabriela remained intact, ONI believed sending one of the few remaining Spartan-IIs, Linda-058, to the planet was worth the risk.[3] As such, she was briefed within twenty-four hours of the signal's discovery.[7] She was not informed concerning Gabriela, however, instead being told her mission was to assassinate Doctor Chen Bax, a scientist who had tried to steal classified technology but who had also been thought killed at Reach. Linda was told ONI couldn't afford to have either Chen or whatever he left Reach with fall into enemy hands.[7] After meeting up with the ship's survivors Linda elected to hold off on killing Doctor Chen and before long Athos, the artificial intelligence accompanying her, was inserted in a terminal in the humans' camp.[8] He soon detected Gabriela and made it known to the Spartan that their mission's parameters had changed. Securing Gabriela, he said, was now the entirely of the operation.[8] Seeing as forces loyal to a resurgent Covenant would be moving on their position in a matter of hours, he also emphasized that if they hadn't found her by that point they would clean the site to make sure the aliens didn't either.[3] When Athos heard Chen mention details about the eighteenth century storming of the Bastille in conversation he thought it possible the doctor had already accessed Gabriela. But once Athos' data crystal chip was being inserted into the Promise of Dawn Chen suddenly asked Linda to give him the code needed to unlock the A.I., saying he knew why the UNSC had sent her to him. He was convinced that he could not let the UNSC have her any more than he could the Covenant.[3] At Linda's refusal, Chen elected to access Gabriela himself.[4] And as it turned out, Athos had just unwittingly unlocked her so that Chen was able to deftly remove his data crystal chip while simultaneously transferring her to an armored matrix. Even so, Linda had little trouble overpowering the man and taking the matrix into her possession.[4]

The outposts overseen by Gabriela invited average citizens to explore the legacy of humanity’s survival and experience the thrill of being part of the UNSC’s first line of defense against whatever threats still lurked in the galaxy.[4][10]

Outpost Discovery[edit]

Gabriela: "Greetings. I am GBA 0983-6. Awaiting instructions."
ONI officer: "Gabriela, you are being deployed to Earth, where you will serve as the caretaker of Outpost Discovery. Spartans Owen and Hazel will escort you there. ONI recognizes that your knowledge is too important to keep to yourself."
— Gabriela is given her assignment following her recovery.[4]

After Gabriela was recovered from Sephune III she was entrusted to Spartan-IIIs Hazel-A302 and Owen-B096, who escorted her to Earth.[4] There, she became the caretaker of an Outpost Discovery, a mobile exploratory initiative focused on the education, recruitment, inspiration, and training of the next generation of UNSC personnel.[10] This involved her assistance at various major population centers on Earth, where she acted as a guide during the exploration of each outpost's exhibits and experiences.[4][10] At each location Gabriela greeted visitors at the "Hall of History", recounting the details of historical events as recent as the Fall of Reach.[4][9][13] She had been told that ONI recognized her knowledge to be too important for her to keep it to herself.[4]

When a recovered section of the SDV-class heavy corvette Supplication of Purity was brought to a United Republic of North America city for use in the training of recruits at an outpost, Gabriela personally lent instruction to the first group to explore it.[11] The exercise was meant to familiarize them with intelligence gathering and the various high-risk boarding maneuvers and strategies commonly undertaken by the UNSC. Once they had entered the reclaimed section along with Ensign Brown, Gabriela asked them to imagine that the ship's commander had initiated a lockdown protocol to trap them following its boarding and was sending a hunter-killer squad to eliminate them. She then directed them to locate maintenance access areas along the bulkhead walls so that they could reconfigure a series of cables to trigger an organized shortage which would interrupt the lockdown in their area. Next, she drew the recruits' attention to a nearby door, where Sangheili glyphs were soon to light up in a particular sequence that, if replicated, would signal the hatchway to open. Just as she was congratulating them, however, she noticed a hostile intelligence which still lingered in the captured ship and appeared to have been awoken by the recruits' actions. Gabriela immediately began cycling the access hatch to open the door they'd been trying to get through before then determining it was likely to explode and so ordering the humans to move away from it. She opened another door on the opposite side of the chamber for them and soon an additional one beyond that, allowing the recruits and ensign to put as much distance as possible between they and the imminent explosion. The Covenant subroutine was blocking Gabriela from Supplication of Purity's internal sensor grid, leaving her ability to help any further vulnerable. Worried that she could be cut out at any moment, she told Brown and the others to disconnect the enemy intelligence by gathering nearby energy core cylinders just before her fear was confirmed and the communication between she and they was severed. When she finally did reestablish a connection she announced she'd discovered the nature of the threat naval intelligence had seemingly missed—an autonomous security protocol subroutine. Gabriela had never encountered anything like it before so she was gathering as much information about it as she could, but she admitted it was putting up quite a fight against her. She eventually managed to neutralize it and make a record of it for future research, but before that the subroutine initiated a self-destruct order set to overload the power conduits at the base of the entire ship section. With the reclaimed corvette now a threat to the entire outpost, she urged those within to quickly locate two key cards used to access the subsystems in their compartment. To her relief, the cards allowed the self-destruct sequence to be halted. Gabriela apologized for the harrowing near-disaster, but thanked the recruits for averting it and told them she considered them to have passed the original exercise with flying colors.[11][note 1][2][14][15][note 2]


Linda-058: "An A.I. containing all of human history. This is the real reason we came?"
Athos: "It was a possibility the A.I., Gabriela, remained intact. ONI believed this mission was worth the risk."
Linda-058: "Worth it for the A.I., but not the living left behind here. How can history be more important than our own people?"
Athos: "Not just history. Gabriela holds Earth's secrets... And those of everywhere humanity has called home. Along with the sole complete record of all we fought for and lost on Reach."
— Athos clarifies the importance of Gabriela to Linda-058.[3]

A volitional A.I., Gabriela is authoritative yet compassionate. She also maintains the wry sense of humor that her human template was known for.[2] Gabriela manifests an avatar which gives her the appearance of a UNSC admiral with hair prominently combed over to the right side of her head.[4] As of late 2553, Gabriela was considered the only artificial intelligence to contain a complete record of all cataloged human history.[3][7][8] In addition, she held the secrets of Earth and everywhere else humanity had called home and the sole complete record of all that had been fought for and lost on Reach.[3]

Behind the scenes[edit]

"Whenever we were designing Gabriela we were looking at the type of uniform that would be suitable for her, for reasons that will become apparent hopefully soon. And, doing the uniform design—because Uncle Sam loves their regulations—and especially the Marine Corps—we are very, very specific about our uniforms and our guidelines."
— Sarah Campbell shares some insight regarding the thought processes behind Gabriela's design and teases information about the character yet to be revealed at the time.[16]

During the concepting phase for Gabriela's design, 343 Industries consumer products team artist Sarah Campbell leaned on her experience in the United States Marine Corps to give input on what her uniform should look like.[16] Gabriela was first introduced during the announcement of Halo: Outpost Discovery.[9] Shortly following this announcement, she made her debut appearance within the four-issue comic Halo: Lone Wolf.[3][4] Her projected avatar will greet guests of Outpost Discovery before they enter the Hall of History at the various event locations, in addition to appearing throughout each section of their show floors.[9][12] She also is featured as a guide who helps guests be navigated to destinations, unlock secrets, and earn rewards—all through the experience's dedicated mobile application.[17]


List of appearances[edit]


  1. ^ Halo: Outpost Discovery, is canonically set at some point between 2554 and 2557, placing the near-destruction of an Outpost Discovery location by a reclaimed section of Supplication of Purity within this time frame as well. The attraction known as "The Ring Experience" at each Outpost Discovery location features the exploration of a Halo ring which cannot be Delta or Gamma Halo based on the planet it is shown to orbit, the experience's executive producer, Jason Ambler, believes it is supposed to be Zeta Halo. If this is the case, Outpost Discovery cannot be set any earlier than the point in 2555 when the exploration of that installation began. Officially the identity of the installation shown in The Ring Experience is presently undefined by 343 Industries. It should also be noted that the canonical dating of Outpost Discovery may be able to be further narrowed by a display which claims it is believed 343 Guilty Spark was destroyed in 2552. It was in late 2555 that the UNSC first learned of this monitor's survival.
  2. ^ On the cover of a hardcover collection of Halo: Lone Wolf issues exclusive to Halo: Outpost Discovery, Gabriela's avatar is projected in Linda's palm while Owen and Hazel stand nearby and an Outpost Discovery structure stands in the background. Whether there are any canonical implications for this image remains undetermined.