Armored matrix

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This article is about the AI transport housing. For the AI component, see Riemann matrix.
An armored matrix containing the AI Cortana.

An armored matrix, also called a memory matrix,[1] is a reinforced housing used by the UNSC to securely transport an artificial intelligence construct. An armored matrix may be used when a holotank is not available, such as on a battlefield. Though the AI contained within can communicate verbally, there is no hologram emitter for it to manifest a body; hence, the AI can talk, but it cannot see.[2]

Class-C Military AIs serving under ODST commanding officers are carried in armored matrices aboard the officers' SOEIVs. In this manner they may ride into a combat zone intact and be further operated when a firebase or other operational command post is put into place.[2]

An armored matrix was used to house the AI Cortana while she was transferred by Spartan-III Noble Team to the UNSC Pillar of Autumn during the Fall of Reach.[3] During an unspecified battle, Admiral Kovalic was protecting the armored matrix of an unknown AI from Covenant forces. With the help of Shock Trooper Sarah Palmer, Kovalic and the AI made it safely off the planet.[4]


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