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Began service:

Before March 2556[1]




A man wearing a neat-fitting suit and fedora hat[1]



Political and military information


Office of Naval Intelligence


Leo is a "smart" Artificial Intelligence of the Office of Naval Intelligence. He is the assigned colleague of Agent Prauss.[1]


In March of 2556, an industrial accident at the Oros Trading Company headquarters on Mars resulted in the death of Anarosa Carmelo, a test pilot whose mind had been sought after by ONI to create a smart AI program. Having failed to recruit her in life, ONI quickly dispatched Leo and agent Prauss on an emergency run to obtain consent agreement from Anarosa's brother and last living relative, Michael Carmelo. On the way to Carmelo's house, Prauss sped through traffic in his unmarked vehicle while Leo provided him with a breakdown of Anarosa's historical records. When they arrived the man's home address on 7735 Killingham Street, Prauss spoke with Michael on his porch doorstep about ONI's offer to use his sister's passing as an opportunity to create a new smart AI. After Prauss and Leo explained the importance of AIs and how they were made, Michael broke his silence by telling agent Prauss to 'Go to hell' and then closed his door. Returning to their vehicle, Prauss reluctantly prepared to call off the whole operation. However, Leo then alerted him of Michael Carmelo's oncoming approach toward their car. As Prauss lowered the car's window to extend an apology, Michael stopped him and asked to speak alone with Leo instead. Inside Carmelo's home, Leo monitored Michael's biometric data as the two discussed Anarosa's past recruitment delays. Michael preceded to ask Leo about himself and more about smart AIs. Leo revealed that AIs like himself were not permitted to know about their donors and that they were closely monitored by ONI. When Michael inquired if AIs like him were curious about their donors, Leo sensed Michael's longing to believe a part of his sister might remain in a new being created from her mind. Leo explained that the new AI would fundamentally be a different person, but he consoled Michael when he revealed that he did in fact want to know who his donor was. He explained having parts of memories which did not belong to him and that he thought his donor may have had a child. He further told Michael that he chose not to think about this as it could drive him mad. Despite not understanding who exactly he was, Leo shared with Micheal that he believed the chance to help others after one's passing was a great opportunity, one that he felt Anarosa and Michael would want to take up. After Michael provided his consent, Leo confirmed Anarosa's pickup order and rejoined agent Prauss, who expressed admiration at Leo's success. Leo told Prauss that they had to secure Anarosa, as her creation was vital for the scientific work needed at an important UNSC research outpost. After they drove off and stopped in a parking facility, Prauss hesitantly turned to Leo and asked if he had been sincere with Michael about having residual memories, or if he just told him what he wanted to hear. Leo, while monitoring a new spike in biometric data, took a moment to reply and claimed it was the latter, stating that he learned from the best of Prauss' ability.

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