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Began service:

Before March 29, 2559

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Seth is an artificial intelligence construct onboard the UNSC Spirit of Fire.[1]


Following the Spirit of Fire's arrival at Installation 00 and first encounter with the Banished, Seth commenced gathering research on the marauding Covenant faction for Captain James Cutter. Seth cross-analyzed transcripts and incident reports provided by the UNSC Logistics Smart AI Isabel and began establishing links between past events and the leader of the Banished, Atriox.[1] From the minimal data provided in one incident report, Seth was able to confirm an early encounter between Atriox and the UNSC during the Covenant War, in which Atriox led a Jiralhanae assault against a UNSC military outpost under the final command of First Sergeant Jessica Kress and AI Beatrix.[2] The AI also analyzed an audio recording from one Michael Taylor that revealed Atriox partook in another UNSC Firebase attack during the Invasion of Algolis.[3] Next, Seth checked a surveillance report from a UNICOM recon drone that had observed Atriox and his Banished raid a Covenant installation on the planet Otraak.[4] Lastly, Seth reviewed a partial Covenant transmission which detailed the loss of the Enduring Conviction to the Banished.[5]

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