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The spy drone in flight

This spy drone was used by the United Nations Space Command to investigate the surface of Ven III, a planet located on the outskirts of the Joint Occupation Zone, after a group of Kig-Yar pirates settled on the planet and began to use it as a base of operations. After failing to convince the UNSC Navy to deal with the pirates, the Office of Naval Intelligence created a cover story about the Kig-Yar on the planet creating a bioweapon which they had apparently unleashed on themselves by accident. On May 8, 2558, the spy drone observed the diseased corpses of several Kig-Yar in the laboratory they had allegedly used to create the bioweapon; the video feed from the drone was used by Admiral Serin Osman to convince Captain Thomas Lasky of UNSC Infinity to deal with the matter. Later, the drone was discovered and destroyed by a Sangheili agent who had retrieved the bioweapon from the laboratory and was covertly working for ONI.[1]

The spy drone was rather small in size and seemingly had the ability to operate alone in a planetary system. The drone had the ability to scan for threats, open the blast doors of the laboratory, and enable the facility's overhead lights. It could also upload a live feed of what it was viewing to its operator. Its camera was located on the bottom of the drone.[1]


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