D75-TC/r Pelican

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This article is about the Pelican featured in Halo: Oblivion. For other uses of the term "Pelican", see Pelican.
D75-TC/r Pelican
Production information



Technical specifications


Three crew members[1]


Up to 20 passengers[1]


Year introduced:

Before 2526[1]


  • Reconnaissance boat[1]


United Nations Space Command


The Dropship 75-Troop Carrier/r, nicknamed the slash-r recon, or colloquially as the Pelican, is a subvariant of the D75-TC Pelican utilised by the United Nations Space Command. The Pelican is equipped with a special scouting package for reconnaissance missions.[1]

Two D75 Pelicans were carried by the Razor-class prowler UNSC Night Watch in June 2526, during its mission to Netherop. At the command of Lieutenant Commander Amalea Petrov, one of these Pelicans, a slash-r recon, was launched with a three-person crew immediately upon the Night Watch's arrival, to ascertain the strength of the Covenant naval presence, and determine whether a dropship would be able to make landfall at all. It was shot down by a previously-undetected Covenant stealth vessel shortly before entering the planet's tropopause.

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