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Blitz card artwork for the EV-44 Nightingale.
An EV-44 Nightingale with its trio of three restoration drones.

Restoration drones are a type of drone employed by the United Nations Space Command. They are employed for the purposes of healing and repairing friendly infantry and vehicles, alongside providing general support for ground troops.[1]


Restoration drones are employed aboard the modified Phoenix-class colony ship UNSC Spirit of Fire. The general usage of the restoration drones manifests as a large green circle, inside which allied troops and armour are healed/ repaired through presently unknown means. The EV-44 Nightingale employs an unnamed variant of the restoration drone as part of its medical capabilities,[2] while snipers assigned to the ship's detail operate a similar variant designed for spotting enemy targets.[3]

A structure built by the Forerunners known as the Forerunner Spire of Healing exhibits an almost identical effect to the healing drones.[4][5]


Halo Wars[edit]

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"Heal any units and repair any buildings in an area."

Restoration drones appear in Halo Wars under the name of the Heal and Repair ability.

Halo Wars 2[edit]

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Restoration drones appear in Halo Wars 2 under the name Restoration Drones. The healing itself separates into three levels, with Level One having the least radius and healing rate and Level Three having the most radius and healing rate. The healing rate varies based on the level the player picks and the object that was affected by healing. Structures and Super Units receive less effective healing, at least up to 50% of healing effectiveness from healing standard and unique units.

'Restoration Drones can be upgraded via Leader Power Upgrade, and the assignment of the ability varies based on the UNSC Leadership's tier. Some UNSC Leaders can pick Restoration Drones from Tier 1, while some require a higher tier, such as Serina at Tier 3 and Morgan Kinsano at Tier 4.

In gameplay, Restoration Drones can stack with each other, boosting the healing rate inside the same radius. It's a recommended strategy for survival at Terminus Firefight.

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