S77 Crow

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The S77 Crow was a class of space fighter used by human forces.[1]

Design details[edit]

The Crow was considered to be lightly armoured compared to more modern craft, but capable of mounting an impressive amount of firepower.[1] When asked about the Crow, Hector Nyeto responded with asking about which series was being considered; indicating multiple models of Crow exist.

Development and service history[edit]

The Crow was originally designed for convoy escort duty by private shipping companies. They were considered obsolete compared to newer fighters by 2553, though were popular among small pirate gangs as corsairs for their swiftness and ability to mount considerable armaments.[1]

During Operation: RETRIBUTION Veta Lopis claimed to own one equipped with ten side-mounted Archer missile pods and a mini-MAC mounted under the belly, which was considered an extraordinary amount of firepower. This was done to help sell Lopis' story that the Crow had been used in an attack on the UNSC Taulanti.[1] As this was a fabrication for her cover story, whether actual Crows could mount such impressive arsenals remains unknown.


Like most human light craft, the Crow is named after a genus of bird.

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