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S77 Crow

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The S77 Crow was a class of space fighter used by human forces.[1]


The Crow was considered to be light compared to more modern craft, but capable of mounting an impressive amount of firepower.[1]

Development and service history[edit]

The Crow was originally designed for convoy escort duty by private shipping companies.[1] They were considered obsolete compared to newer fighters by 2553, though were popular among small pirate gangs as corsairs for their swiftness and ability to mount considerable armaments.[1]

During Operation: RETRIBUTION Veta Lopis claimed to own one equipped with ten side-mounted Archer missile pods and a mini-MAC mounted under the belly, which was considered an extraordinary amount of firepower.[2] As this was a fabrication for her cover story, whether actual Crows could mount such impressive arsenals remains unknown.


Like most human light craft, the Crow is named after a genus of bird.

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