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Class-5 Enclosed Heavy Lifeboat
Production information


Escape pod


Evacuation of persons from disabled ships

Technical specifications


One pilot + unknown number of passengers

Chronological and affiliation


United Nations Space Command


The Class-5 Enclosed Heavy Lifeboat is a variant of the UNSC escape pod commonly known as the Bumblebee.[1][2]

Class-5 lifeboats are found on at least UNSC prowlers. Like Pelican dropships and fellow Class-3 Bumblebees, each has a call sign, usually consisting of three letters from the Phonetic Alphabet, followed by a number.

Design details[edit]

The Class-5 has one pilot seat and an unknown amount of crash seats. The seats have harnesses to keep people from injury when crash-landing. Though they are noted as being one of the safer methods of UNSC ship evacuation,[2] the effectiveness of the safety features on this Bumblebee vary greatly, as can their reliability. Though fast, tiny, and difficult to track, a single shot from a heavy plasma weapon will instantly destroy the craft. However, Class-5 Bumblebees are heavily armored, and resistant to small-arms plasma weapons.

They also feature thrusters and air-brakes to slow down during descent.[2] They have little in the way of maneuverability, as they are not intended for extended atmospheric use. Normally after a landing, the pod can never be used again, as the pods will most likely suffer a great amount of damage, including the air brakes breaking off before or during the impact.

The Class-5 boasts a large rear bay capable of storing a heavy weapons cache, Slipspace drive, or even several cryo-chambers.[1]

Operational History[edit]

The prowler UNSC Vacuna carried at least one of these Bumblebees which was utilized by Spartan-II Gray Team to safely escape the destruction of Glyke in December, 2552 and, six years later, to flee the Unwavering Discipline before crash-landing on the planet Carrow.[1]

Known Class-5 Bumblebees[edit]

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