Unwavering Discipline

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Unwavering Discipline
Production information




Varric-pattern heavy cruiser



3,000 meters (9,843 feet)[1]


1,451 meters (4,760 feet)[1]


Repulsor engines

Slipspace drive:



Nanolaminate hull plating




1,000 Warriors[5]

Service information



Participated battles:

Carrow Conflict



Unwavering Discipline was an Varric-pattern heavy cruiser that was the flagship of Fleetmaster Rojka 'Kasaan.


In 2552, after the Great Schism began and the destruction of Glyke in Operation: SUNSPEAR, Fleetmaster Rojka 'Kasaan used the Unwavering Discipline to lead his fleet to the planet of Carrow to begin again, a planet that fell into the Joint Occupation Zone and months later had its human residents return and resettle the city of Suraka.

In 2558, one of sensor buoys left at Glyke by Rojka detected the lifeboat of Gray Team in the debris field of Glyke. Enraged at the Demons Three that destroyed his homeworld, Rojka brought their cryo chambers aboard the Unwavering Discipline and kept them stored in a hanger, keeping the presence of the Spartans a secret from most of his crew. In an attempt to make peace with the humans, Rojka revealed his possession of Gray Team aboard his ship. In response, ONI sent Melody Azikiwe to act as both a peace envoy negotiating for the release of the Gray Team while trying to release them on her own if she failed.

On September 1, Thars 'Sarov rebelled against Rojka and the Unwavering Discipline suffered heavy damage in the battle that followed. With boarding parties approaching and Rojka unwilling to release the Spartans, Melody snuck into the hanger and revived them herself. In the chaos of the battle, Gray Team managed to recover their lifeboat from the hanger bay and escape to Carrow's surface.

Enraged at being denied his chance to vengeance and under continuing heavy attack, Rojka sent Unwavering Discipline into slipspace to bring it closer to Carrow before bringing the cruiser into the planet's atmosphere to follow the Spartans. With the crew struggling to keep the shields up, the cruiser survived reentry, but ultimately crashed into the Karfu Mountains and was left effectively destroyed. Most of the crew and the boarders died in the crash while the few survivors gathered what vehicles and supplies they could from the wreck before most abandoned the ship completely. The wreck was later found by Thars' forces and the survivors that had remained at Unwavering Discipline were slaughtered.[7]

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