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Thars 'Sarov
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September 2558

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Dahlia: "Who is this Thars anyway?"
Jat: "The enemy you should fear. One of my kind who thinks humans are..."
Dahlia: "Inferior?"
Jat: "Worms."
Dahlia asks Jat about Thars.[1]

Thars' Sarov was a Sangheili who rose to power recently as of 2558 and amassed a following on Carrow, a planet jointly-occupied by Sangheili and humans. Masov Oasis, in particular, was controlled by those loyal to him. Isolated hostilities between his followers and the Carrow militia broke out in July of 2558,[2] escalating into a full-on civil war in the coming months.[3]

Thars despised humans as nishum and was opposed to any efforts made toward peace with them. Standing in contrast to this position was his cousin Rojka 'Kasaan, who led the first Sangheili to Carrow in the wake of the Great Schism. In his efforts toward promoting peace, Rojka had demilitarized some vehicles, such as Wuzum-pattern Spectres. Thars, upon securing some of these vehicles for himself, made sure to re-arm them.

In September, Thars launched a full-scale revolt against Rojka 'Kasaan with the help of the Jiralhanae Chieftain Hekabe. During a massive space battle above the planet, Thars succeeded in defeating Rojka, but Rojka survived, crashing the Unwavering Discipline in the Karfu Mountains. Thars relentlessly pursued Rojka, unaware that he was after the Demon Three who had destroyed Glyke and then been freed during the battle by Melody Azikiwe.

Thars was soon betrayed by Hekabe who in reality had come to Carrow seeking the secret Sharquoi hive, having gotten a hold of the vertex, a Forerunner device that allowed the user to control the Sharquoi. Hekabe's fleet destroyed most of Thars' ships while disabling the rest, forcing them to land on Carrow for repairs. Thars repeatedly refused to listen to reason about the greater enemy and refused to order his ships to destroy their slipspace drives until too late, resulting in their capture by Hekabe's Sharquoi. In a final confrontation, Thars' warriors were defeated by a combination of a few surviving Sangheili loyal to Rojka and Gray Team while Thars himself lost a duel with Rojka. After Thars' refusal to listen after his defeat allowed his ships to fall into Hekabe's hands, he was decapitated by Rojka with an energy sword for his betrayal.

At the end of the battle, Thars' surviving ships were destroyed by Sharquoi under the control of human governor Ellis Gass to thwart Hekabe's plot and stop their attack on Rak. The civil war Thars started and the Jiralhanae he brought to Carrow caused heavy casualties in both the human and Sangheili populations while leaving Carrow without any sort of a defensive fleet.[4]

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