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Melody Azikiwe
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New Mombasa, Earth[1]





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Unified Earth Government




Melody Azikiwe is an envoy of the UEG Diplomatic Corps.


Undiminished Entelechy[edit]

On July 12, 2556, Azikiwe worked alongside the AI Adalbert to translate recorded conversations stored on the black-box of the Covenant CCS-class battlecruiser Undiminished Entelechy. The black-box had been recovered by Spartan Fireteam Apollo as part of Operation: SHELL GAME.[2]

Envoy to Carrow[edit]

On September 1, 2558, Azikiwe with Adam Hsein, Jens Forsburg, and Victoria Weaver as her staff, were sent to Carrow aboard the Sangheili ship Unwavering Discipline commanded by Rojka 'Kasaan to broker peace between the human and Sangheili settlers. During their arrival, Rojka's fleet engaged in battle with Thars 'Sarov and Jiralhanae-led fleets in Carrow's orbit. In the midst of the battle, Azikiwe sent her staff down to the surface of Carrow to escape the fighting in orbit, while she would stay behind in order to attempt her mission provided by the Office of Naval Intelligence: negotiate the handover of Spartan-II Gray Team. Meeting with Rojka, Azikiwe attempted to persuade the fleetmaster to free the Spartans but Rojka refused. After acquiring weaponry from one of the ship's armories, Azikiwe moved towards the storage holds where they kept Gray Team's cryotubes. As she released the Spartans from cryo, she became gravely injured in the midst of a brief skirmish between herself and Rojka's warriors, falling into unconsciousness. Gray Team awakened to find Azikiwe's body and after applying biofoam to her injuries, the Spartans took her and fight through the ship to the hangar area. After finding their lifeboat, the Spartans took Azikiwe and piloted the ship down to the surface of Carrow.[3]

Carrow's surface[edit]

After crash-landing in the Ultd Desert, Azikiwe awakened to find Gray Team creating a makeshift stretcher for her injuries. Azikiwe explained to the Spartans of the current situation on the planet along with the current status of the galaxy and the end of the Human-Covenant War. With Gray Team brought up to speed, the group set out carrying Azikiwe to the ONI facility known as Gila Station. During their travel, Azikiwe and the Spartans paused for a moment of rest but were attacked by one of Rojka's Banshees, which was pursing them. Taking out the Banshee with the plasma rifles they acquired from Unwavering Discipline, Azikiwe and Gray Team moved on to the ONI facility. As they reached Gila Station, Azikiwe had the Spartans broadcast a low-power general transmission with both a passcode and her name in order to gain safe access into the facility. Azikiwe attempted to tell the Spartans information they needed to know, but she passed out again due to the wounds she had suffered. [3]

Gila Station[edit]

Gray Team and an unconscious Azikiwe were greeted by Greg van Eekhout, an ONI agent in command of the facility. Van Eekhout had the Spartans take Azikiwe into the facility to a Covenant designed automated surgical suite that would treat her wounds. After her wounds were treated, Azikiwe awoke and moved immediately to probe Eekhout for answers regarding the possibility of her own staff's survival and the current situation on Carrow. Eekhout informed her that no one but Gray Team and herself had reached the facility and the Jiralhanae had entered the forerunner structure within Suraka faster than anticipated. Azikiwe attempted to go over possible solutions, Eekhout brushed them off stating they need Gray Team to confront the threat to Carrow.

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Personality and traits[edit]

Melody Azikiwe is able to understand and translate Sangheili.


Azikiwe's surname suggests she is of Nigerian descent.

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