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Tens of thousands of Sangheili (pre-Carrow Conflict)[1]

Governed by:


"We'd hoped to farm the land around the river, but when we got there, the Sangheili had already arrived and built their holds to create Rak."
Dahlia to Greta

Rak is a Sangheili city-state on the planet, Carrow; a world jointly-held by humans and Sangheili.[1]



In the wake of the Great Schism and the end of the Human-Covenant War, a fleet of Sangheili led by Rojka 'Kasaan traveled to Carrow in search of a fresh start. The planet had formerly been one of humanity's Outer Colonies but had emptied of colonists during the war. Rojka and his followers found a place along the hidden Astlehich River on the eastern side of the Uldt Desert, where they began to build holds that grew into Rak. One of the notable Sangheili that assisted Rojka in founding the city was Jat. By the time a creaky old ship full of human refugees from the war arrived at Carrow with plans to put down roots in the same area, Rak was already well-established. This forced these settlers to carve out a living elsewhere, resulting in the small settlement of Sandholm to the south.[1]

The rise of Thars[edit]

"New leadership, new Sangheili government back in their city. I haven't been to Rak in six months. Sangheili there are telling me to stay away."
— Greta

In 2558, a sweeping change in the governance of Rak took place. Thars, a Sangheili in opposition to any sort of peace with humans amassed a large following in the city. Less bigoted Sangheili warned human traders to stay away. By July of that year, Greta, one such trader, had not been to Rak for six months for that reason. Attacks on human settlers perceived to be living in Sangheili territory and on humans doing business at Masov Oasis were considered to be stemming from the political climate in Rak.[1]


Rak exists on the eastern side of Carrow's Uldt Desert, opposite the human city of Suraka, which lies hundreds of kilometers away on the other side. 140 kilometers from Rak lies Sandholm, the village established by the refugees that had hoped to settle along the Astlehich River, which Rak takes advantage of. Relatively in between Rak and Sandholm, 70 kilometers from each, is Masov Oasis.[1]


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