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Greta is a trader on the planet, Carrow; a world jointly-held between humans and Sangheili.[1]



"We used to be a focal point. Used to talk to the Surakan higher-ups about how things were going here; they saw it as a success."
— Greta recounts her past experience in trading with Sangheili.

By at least January of 2558, both Greta and Paul des Hommes had established themselves as accomplished traders in the Uldt Desert that made journeys between Suraka, Rak, and Masov Oasis. They regularly did business with both human and Sangheili patrons. They were a focal point of commerce in Masov Oasis, and for this reason, the higher-ups in the Surakan government would often speak with them about how things were going there. The government officials in Suraka tended to see the Sangheili-human cooperation at the oasis as a sign of progress being made between the two species. During this time, Greta and Paul also fed information to the Carrow militia specifically. By around April of 2558, things started to change. Greta was counseled by Sangheili to stay away from Rak, as a change in governance had come to the city and it was no longer safe for humans. Business in Masov also began to die down, which Greta surmised to be a result of whatever was going on in Rak.[1]

Capture and rescue[edit]

"They burst into the depot last night and rounded us all up."
— Greta fills Dahlia in.

On one night in July of 2558, Sangheili at Masov Oasis loyal to Thars burst into the humans' trading depot there to round up Greta, Paul, and Stanley, who tried to fight back and was killed for it. Greta and Paul were taken to a smooth, dome-shaped house toward the center of the oasis being used as a detention building. They were thrown into a cell and left there. The next day, a teenage girl named Dahlia from Sandholm was also taken in the oasis and place in the cell with them. She had come to the settlement with the intent of seeking help for people in her village stricken with a hemorrhagic viral infection. Soon after introductions and some talk about their current predicament, explosions and gunfire was heard from the street. Outside, Thars' followers were killing fellow Sangheili with human ordnance to make it look as if humans had done the work. Two Sangheili came to the cell to collect the prisoners and were escorting them outside when suddenly, Jat, another Sangheili, appeared and freed the three of them. Greta's first reaction was to scoop up a rifle and point it at Jat, but he cautioned her to put it down. With Jat's help, the three made it away from the building without incident. Greta and Paul offered for Dahlia to come with them, as they had transportation. However, Dahlia chose to stay with Jat. Greta and Paul wished her luck and made their way to the trading depot, where they made contact with the Carrow militia. The militia arranged to pick them up out in the desert in a Pelican. At some point after climbing aboard, smoke was sighted from a fight between Thars' followers and the odd pairing of Jat and Dahlia. The Pelican moved in to engage the Sangheili and successfully saved Dahlia. Jat, however, was killed by a militia man. Greta and Paul both tried to talk with Dahlia, stricken with grief, as she was taken aboard the dropship.[1]

Personality and traits[edit]

"Stop it, you bastards!"
— Greta screams at her Sangheili captors after one of them grabs Paul by his throat.

Greta appears to be an older woman, as she has deeply wrinkled skin and silver hair that she keeps tied back in braids. Her skin is sunburnt as result of her lifestyle on Carrow. When Dahlia met her, she was wearing a ragged, oil-stained jumpsuit. Though she had a healthy relationship with many Sangheili with whom she did business, she was hesitant to trust Jat even after he rescued her from the ordeal of being held prisoner. She is very close to Paul des Hommes, which she exhibits through casual and intimate squeezing of his shoulder to comfort him when thinking about Stanley's death. When a Sangheili grabbed Paul by the throat, Greta screamed for him to be let go.[1]

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