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July 2558






2.5 metres (8.2 ft)

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Owed his life to Dahlia


Jat (full name unknown)[note 1] was a Sangheili loyal to Rojka 'Kasaan and encountered by Dahlia on her journey to Masov Oasis.[1]


Early Life[edit]

Jat was a Sangheili loyal to Rojka 'Kasaan who followed Rojka to Carrow after their homeworld was destroyed. Jat was one of the Sangheili that helped Rojka to found the city of Rak and believed in peace with the humans also living on the planet.[1]

The peace on Carrow was shattered in 2558 when Thars 'Sarov seized power for himself in Rak and began attempting to incite a war with the humans. Thars dispatched a death squad to Masov Oasis to slaughter the Sangheili there with human weapons and frame the crime upon the humans to incite violence against the people of Suraka. Aware of the death squad's actions, Jat shadowed them for days in a Spectre.[1]

An Unlikely Alliance[edit]

Jat was eventually discovered by Ruha, a member of the death squad and entered into battle with him, ultimately losing the fight. As Ruha prepared to execute Jat, they were interrupted by Dahlia who was awoken by the sounds of their fight and went to investigate, intervening as she saw Jat apparently asking for mercy, but could not tell his species in the dark. Dahlia threatened Ruha with an M295 DMR, but hesitated to fire, resulting in him firing at her and missing, destroying Dahlia's Mongoose. However, the distraction allowed Jat to recover and bisect his opponent from the chest up with his energy sword.

Terrified to discover that Jat was a Sangheili, Dahlia threatened him with her rifle, but Jat did his best to be unthreatening to her, announcing that he owed Dahlia a debt for saving his life. Though reluctant to trust Jat despite his surprisingly human gestures due to all of the suffering she had suffered at the hands of the Covenant, Dahlia requested a ride to Masov Oasis, but Jat warned against it due to the threat she would face from Thars loyalists there. Seeing how determined she was despite the danger, Jat agreed to give Dahlia a ride and called Dahlia a credit to her bloodline for her bravery. Jat took Dahlia to the human trading post and warned her to stay close to other humans due to the dangers of Thars' forces.

Later, as Thars' death squad began murdering Sangheili with human weapons, Jat unexpectedly came to the rescue of Dahlia, Greta and Paul des Hommes as they were being escorted by two Thars loyalists. With his active camouflage engaged, Jat attempted to ambush the two other Sangheili, but was sensed at the last moment. Jat was able to destroy the plasma pistol of one of the Sangheili before a punch from the other disrupted his active camouflage. Jat stabbed his armed opponent through the head before decapitating the other as he took the intact plasma pistol.

After rescuing the humans, Jat departed in his Spectre with Dahlia as Paul and Greta returned to their trading post, not trusting Jat enough to go with him. Fleeing the oasis, Jat explained the political situation between Rojka and Thars and his intention to return to Rojka and expose the death squad's actions so that the Surakans would not be blamed for the slaughter at the oasis and inflame tensions as Thars wanted.[1]

Last stand and death[edit]

As Jat and Dahlia fled the oasis, they were chased by the death squad in four armed Spectres while Jat's lacked the customary turret due to Rojka having had the turrets removed. Jat warned Dahlia that they would neither be able to outrun the death squad nor could they shoot back. As the chase continued, a shot hit the Spectre and damaged its engine. With his vehicle failing him, Jat fled into a canyon, causing one of the chasing Spectres to fatally collide with a boulder that Jat just missed before the engine finally gave out.

With his vehicle dead, Jat announced that they had six opponents left and removed a particle beam rifle for the Spectre and gave Dahlia the plasma pistol he'd taken off of the Sangheili he'd rescued her from. With more enemies approaching, Jat announced that they would be making a last stand which was their only option left. Jat admitted that Dahlia could try to flee, but warned her that she would be chased down relentlessly as Thars' forces could not risk any living witnesses, but together they could put up an honorable fight. Jat gave Dahlia a speech to encourage her to fight, recognizing Dahlia's bravery and unwillingness to go down easily all while firing on the Sangheili, destroying another Spectre and killing several enemies.

With the firefight continuing, Dahlia chose to make a last stand with Jat and warned him of enemies above them on the canyon walls trying to get a better position. After Jat sniped an approaching enemy in the head, several Sangheili directly charged their position on foot. On Jat's signal, Dahlia opened fire on the approaching enemies and managed to wound one in the leg, but two Sangheili jumped over the Spectre and engaged Jat with in combat with their energy swords while the one Dahlia wounded moved to kill her after wounding Dahlia in the shoulder. Despite putting up a good fight, Jat was finally overpowered by four Sangheili just as Dahlia was about to be executed. In the face of death, Jat announced proudly to Dahlia that they had made their enemies bleed before they were taken down.

Before Jat and Dahlia could be executed, a Surakan Militia Pelican unexpectedly came to their rescue after Paul and Greta had alerted the militia and they had seen the smoke from the fight. The Pelican's cannons eliminated all of the death squad, saving Jat and Dahlia. However, as the militia members searched the bodies, one found Jat still alive and mistook him for an enemy. Despite Dahlia's attempt to stop the man, he killed Jat with a single shot from his battle rifle. Devastated, Dahlia cradled Jat's body and raged at the militiamen for killing her friend. However, they were unrepentant, only seeing Jat as an enemy that was responsible for destroying human worlds.[1]


With the help of the militia, Dahlia was able to get the medical help she needed to save Sandholm. Having learned from Jat to die on her own terms, not someone else's, Dahlia joined the militia to protect Sandholm in case of an attack, honoring the bravery and lessons that Jat had taught her.[1]

Personality and traits[edit]

As a follower of Rojka 'Kasaan, Jat was friendly towards humans. He displayed a great deal of knowledge of human culture, able to speak in human languages and use surprisingly human gestures to appear unthreatening. Jat was a great believer in honor and owing one's life to another if that person saved them, no matter what species was involved in the life debt. Jat would rather die on his own terms in a last stand rather than let someone else decide how he would die. Even when he lost his last stand, Jat was satisfied simply by the fact that he had made the enemy bleed before he fell.

Jat was an extremely skilled warrior. Though he lost the fight Dahlia found him in one-on-one which appeared to be mainly a weapons fight, he was skilled enough that it took four other Sangheili to defeat Jat in his last stand when it was an energy sword battle. Jat implied that his greatest skill was that of a sniper, telling Dahlia that it was time for their enemies to discover his trade skill when he pulled out a particle beam rifle. Indeed, Jat was able to make incredible, almost impossible shots with his weapon, at one point killing the driver of a fast-moving Spectre with a single shot to cause the vehicle to crash and kill the passenger.[1]

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  1. ^ Dahlia stops Jat from revealing his full name to her when they meet.