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Rojka 'Kasaan's faction
Government overview

Head of state:

Fleetmaster Rojka 'Kasaan[1]

Societal overview

Official language(s):

Sangheili language[1]


A faction of Sangheili was formed by Rojka 'Kasaan following the Great Schism and Human-Covenant War.[1] During the Carrow Conflict, both this faction and Thars 'Sarov's faction were wiped out, leaving Rojka himself the only known survivor.[2]


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Separation with Thars[edit]

Main articles: Carrow Conflict, Thars 'Sarov's faction

Thars 'Sarov rebelled against Rojka and his faction. In this rebellion he managed take a heavy cruiser, two heavy destroyers, four light destroyers and five frigates. As well, a Jiralhanae fleet led by Hekabe appeared to assist Thars.[1]


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Following the end of the Carrow Conflict, Rojka 'Kasaan, the only known survivor of both factions, returned to Rak to discover that kaidon Akato 'Dakaj had taken over leadership of the city and presumably eliminated the kaidons who had supported Thars. 'Dakaj proved to be more in line with the views of Rojka and his faction than Thars' and recognized the need for closer relationships with the humans on the planet. To this end, Rojka agreed to act as 'Dakaj's envoy to help foster peace between the two.[2]

Military assets[edit]


Navy assets[edit]

Rojka's fleet after Thars' separation included two light destroyers, two heavy destroyers and several frigates as well as a heavy cruiser.[1]

Personnel and supporters[edit]

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