Vengeful Deed

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Vengeful Deed
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Covenant frigate



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Khoto 'Gaaran


Vengeful Deed was a Covenant frigate that served in Rojka 'Kasaan's fleet during the Carrow Conflict.[1]


While the Carrow Conflict had initially gone in Rojka's favor, the arrival of a Jiralhanae fleet turned the tide against him. Vengeful Deed along with Rojka's other frigates had been sent in to replace the Wik-pattern light destroyers that had been obliterated. Many of the frigates were soon destroyed, however, with Rojka thinking Vengeful Deed had been among them. After learning the ship had survived, Rojka offered its Shipmaster, Khoto 'Gaaran, a chance to retreat to Sanghelios. 'Gaaran refused, believing he could severely damage the lead Jiralhanae cruiser which had began heading for the planet's surface. Rojka once again told Khoto to leave, but Khoto refused again, believing there was nothing on Sanghelios for him and he desired vengeance on those that had spoiled the new colony for him. However, as the ship approached the lead cruiser, the other Jiralhanae ships began firing on it and destroyed it.[2]

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