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Akato 'Dakaj
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Rak, Carrow





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Akato 'Dakaj is a Sangheili living on the planet Carrow, a world jointly inhabited by Humans and Sangheili colonists. He is the kaidon of the city-state of Rak.[1]


Akato 'Dakaj had been a lesser kaidon who was relatively new to Carrow, a human colony also inhabited by Sangheili refugees from Glyke. At the time, he was not well-known by the Fleetmaster and kaidon of Rak, Rojka 'Kasaan. Later in late 2558, a sweeping change in Rak's governance took place when Thars 'Sarov led an opposition against his cousin Rojka. Many Sangheili in Rak had turned on Rojka for his openness to negotiate with humans and had supported Thars' rebellion. During the conflict, Thars took Rak's remaining fleet to fight against Rojka and had also enlisted the aid of Jiralhanae warriors under the command of the Chieftain Hekabe. In the time of Rojka's and Thars' absence, Akato 'Dakaj took the opportunity to rise in leadership among the keeps of Rak.[2]

While Thars and Rojka battled one another over Carrow, Hekabe betrayed Thars and harnessed a great hidden power on the planet for himself, unleashing the once-believed mythical Sharquoi and threatening the humans living in Suraka and the population of Rak. After helping stop Hekabe and preventing a planetary crisis, Rojka returned to Rak where he was immediately confronted by kaidon Akato 'Dakaj and his warriors, who had now assumed control of the city-state in the wake of the conflict. When 'Dakaj inquired about Rojka's intentions, Rojka assured him that he posed no threat to 'Dakaj's new leadership and merely wished to return to his home at Kasaan keep. 'Dakaj then voiced his concerns about Carrow's vulnerability following the loss of their entire fleet because of Thars' actions. Rojka informed him that he took vengeance and killed Thars for wasting their fleet and having brought the Jiralhanae to Carrow. Realizing that both Sangheili and humans now faced an uncertain future together, 'Dakaj believed Rojka could help serve as an envoy for them, as he had already established an alliance with the local humans. Rojka agreed that both races needed each other as they began to rebuilt their world and accepted 'Dakaj's offer. Akato 'Dakaj then motioned his warriors back and welcomed Rojka back home.[3]

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