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Governed by:

Carrow Militia

"Tension about Suraka boiling over. They've always been sensitive about a human city getting resettled just on the other side of the sand."
Paul des Hommes speculates concerning the source of recent hostility from Sangheili on Carrow.

Suraka is a large city and the human capital on the main landmass of Carrow, a planet in a Joint Occupation Zone home to humans and Sangheili. It began as a small seed in an oasis, but eventually grew large. It was abandoned during the Human-Covenant War, but was resettled after its conclusion. The resettlement caused significant tension in Rak, a Sangheili city that had been built across the desert from it in the wake of the Great Schism. Seventy miles from Rak lies a Sangheili controlled oasis called Masov Oasis which traders and smugglers from Suraka visit to conduct business. The higher-ups in Suraka's government tend to view trade with Masov to be emblematic of a successful relationship with their alien neighbors.[1]

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