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"The Sangheili aren't our friends. You'd know that if you lived in the Outer Colonies before coming here. You'd have seen what they did. They think this is their world. They'll find out who it really belongs to soon enough."
— A militia man to Dahlia, in response to her outcry over the killing of Jat.[1]

The Surakan Militia Volunteers (SMV)[2] is a paramilitary organization based on the planet, Carrow; a world jointly-held between humans and Sangheili.[3]


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"Live one!"
— A militia man immediately before he kills Jat.[1]

The present Carrow militia formed around the recolonization of Suraka on Carrow after the end of the Human-Covenant War. In July of 2558, the militia was spurred to action in order to save a teenage girl, Dahlia, from being killed by Sangheili fighters loyal to Thars. Dahlia and two traders, Greta and Paul des Hommes, had been imprisoned by at Masov Oasis until they were rescued by another Sangheili, Jat. The traders called for help from the militia from a trading depot and were picked up in the desert. It was only then that smoke from an ongoing battle was sighted and the Pelican carrying them made haste toward the location where Dahlia and Jat were under attack. The Carrow militia killed all Sangheili present, including Jat, much to Dahlia's dismay. Afterwards, they delivered her safely home to Sandholm with desperately-needed antiviral medication for her and others in the village. Dahlia was permitted to keep a militia rifle with which she could defend Sandholm should the need arise. She also learned from the militia that an envoy from the Unified Earth Government was being sent to see if peace between the humans and Sangheili on the planet could be salvaged.[3]

Months later, the Carrow Conflict turned into a full-scale war between Rojka 'Kasaan and Thars 'Sarov after Thars brought Jiralhanae led by Hekabe to Carrow as backup. In reality, Heckabe sought a Sharquoi hive beneath Suraka that held hundreds of thousands of the creatures which Hekabe could control through the vertex. The battle between the Sangheili and Jiralhanae destroyed the fleets of Rojka, Thars, Suraka and even Hekabe, leaving the Surakans with only merchant ships not capable of slipspace. The Militia's Command-and-Control branch then began coming up with plans to counter the Jiralhanae threat. This culminated in Operation: BUZZHAWK, in which the militia managed to destroy Hekabe's flagship, Varric-pattern heavy cruiser Foebane. However, Hekabe succeeded in unleashing the Sharquoi. With the help of Spartan-II Gray Team, Rojka prevailed over Thars, killing him and his remaining loyalists, but Hekabe's forces got control of Thars' remaining ships. Under the leadership of Governor Ellis Gass, the militia determined that the vertex was vulnerable to EMP and created a makeshift weapon out of their HAVOK tactical nuclear weapon and a Gauss cannon from a Warthog. At the same time the militias surviving ships were hijacked and destroyed in Hekabe's successful attempt to capture Thars' remaining ships.

As most of the militia evacuated the population of the city into the desert, Gass, Gray Team, Melody Azikiwe, Rojka 'Kasaan and a militia squad launched an attack on Hekabe in the Sharquoi hive in an attempt to stop him. Using the EMP weapon, Gass succeeded in removing the vertex and taking it for herself, using the Sharquoi to kill Hekabe and his Jiralhanae. To end the battle once and for all, Gass used the Sharquoi to crash Thars' hijacked ships that were attacking Rak, saving the Sangheili city. As Gray Team, Melody and Rojka evacuated, Gass detonated the HAVOK, destroying the Sharquoi hive and all of the creatures within as well as herself, ending the threat though the nuclear blast damaged Suraka itself further. Before the detonation, Gass got the militia to send a Pelican to pick up the rest of the team by communicating with a militia squad through a retreating Sharquoi.

In the aftermath of the battle, the militia ferried Rojka back to Rak after he recovered from his injuries while the UNSC frigate UNSC Welcome to the Snipehunt confirmed that all of the Sharquoi appeared to have been killed in the blast. The UEG planned to continue diplomatic work with the Surakans while the new kaidon of Rak, Akato 'Dakaj, recognized that the humans and Sangheili needed each other more than ever and intended to continue working towards a peaceful future with Rojka as his envoy.[4]

Equipment and personnel[edit]

"We may be traders, but we also feed information back to the Carrow militia; keep an eye on the ground for them."
— Greta to Dahlia.[1]

Fighters in the Carrow militia dress in beige uniforms. Known specializations include infantrymen, pilots, and medics. The militia has in its possession several older UNSC weapons and vehicles donated by the New Colonial Alliance and possibly Sapien Sunrise. Small arms in the militia included battle rifles,[5] MA37 assault rifles,[6] M392 DMRs,[7] and SRS99-S5 AM sniper rifles.[8] Ground vehicles and aircraft included M121 Jackrabbits,[9] M12 Chaingun Warthogs, M12A1 Rocket Warthogs,[10] M12G1 Gauss Warthogs,[11] M400 Kodiaks,[12] at least one M313 Elephant,[11] F-99 Wombats, AV-22 Sparrowhawks,[13] armed EV-44 Nightingales,[14] and Pelicans.[5] Traders that have been known to do business with the Sangheili at Masov Oasis are used as informants that report back to the militia any suspicious activity on the part of the aliens.[1]

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