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M400 Kodiak
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Hannibal Weapon Systems[1]



Technical specifications


18.2 meters (59.7 ft)[1]


14.1 meters (46.2 ft)[1]


6.5 meters (21.3 ft)[1]


45 tons (40.8 tonnes)[1]



1 driver + 2 gunners [1]





United Nations Space Command[2]
Surakan Militia Volunteers[3]


"If you can see it I can shoot it."
— A Kodiak operator during the Banished occupation of Installation 00.[2]

The M400 Artillery System[1], commonly referred to as the Kodiak is an eight-wheeled siege vehicle that features a pivoting cannon. The Kodiak can also lock itself down similar to the SP42 Cobra.[2]

Operational history[edit]

Kodiaks were used by the United Nations Space Command during the Human-Covenant War.[4] In 2557, a couple of them were collected by Ram Chalva's salvage crew from beneath the glassed surface of Mesa.[5] During the Carrow Conflict in September 2558, the Surakan Militia Volunteers used multiple Kodiaks against Hekabe's forces.[3] In April 2559, Kodiaks saw action on Installation 00 during the fight between the UNSC Spirit of Fire and the Banished.[2]

Known Kodiaks[edit]

  • G271: This Kodiak was used by the Spirit of Fire and saw action on Installation 00.
  • X038: This Kodiak was used by the Spirit of Fire and saw action on Installation 00.
  • X105: This Kodiak was used by the Spirit of Fire and saw action on Installation 00.
  • X120: This Kodiak was used by the Spirit of Fire and saw action on Installation 00.


Halo Wars 2[edit]

  • Info: Artillery, Fires when deployed, Very long range, Strong against infantry.
  • Abilities: Artillery Deployment
  • Tier: 2
  • Cost: Population 6, Supplies 525, Power 0

In Halo Wars 2 Kodiaks can be built by all UNSC leaders at the UNSC Garage. Kodiaks are effective against infantry, vehicles, and structures while deployed. They are only able to attack aircraft when not deployed and perform poorly against them. Due to the range of the Kodiak's artillery attack, a spotter is required to designate targets for the cannon. If the player picks Anders as their leader, the Kodiak's shells get an upgrade through the Sentinel Beacon Leader Power, which allows the shells landing to summon a Sentinel to encircle an area. If the player picks Serina as a Leader, the Kodiak can be upgraded with Cryo Shells through Cryotech Advances Leader Power, allowing the shells to give a chill effect to the area around it.

The Kodiak is a favored unit for the UNSC, especially in Firefight modes, since it is the only unit that can suppress any incoming ground unit from a long range.

Pro and Cons[edit]


  • With proper leader, it can suppress enemy units more efficiently.
  • Excellent at taking out enemies from far-range.
  • Suitable for Siege and Defenses.
  • Best unit / Recommended unit on Firefights due to strong firepower.


  • Must be guarded or escorted at all times.
  • Cannot attack at close range.
  • Weak against all units and buildings when mobile.
  • Requires time to pack and unpack.


  • The Kodiak is seemingly based on the cut Fox Cannon from Halo Wars.
  • Following the UNSC tradition of naming vehicles after animals, the M400 is named after the Kodiak bear, the largest species of brown bear native to the Kodiak Archipelago.
  • The Kodiak is similar to the GDI Rhino from Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight, a vehicle which can be deployed into artillery mode.
  • In Halo Wars 2, the use of UNSC Snipers as spotter to target the Kodiak's shots is similar to the Banished Eklon'Dal Workshop Antlion's long-range shelling guided by Banished forces acting as spotters. As a result, the Kodiak and Antlion play similar roles in the campaign levels Under the Dark and Manifestation respectively where they, guided by spotters from their respective factions, are used to shell enemy targets at a distance to progress in the level.


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