M35 Cougar

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M35 Anti-Infantry Support Platform
Cutout of the M35 Cougar cropped from this concept piece, used in the Halo Encyclopedia (2022 edition).
Production information


Ushuaia Armory[1]

Technical specifications


19.1 meters (62.6 ft)[1]


10.0 meters (32.8 ft)[1]


9.4 meters (30.9 ft)[1]


104 metric tons (102 LT; 115 ST)[1]



  • 1 driver[1]
  • 1 gunner[1]
  • 1 systems operator[1]

In service:



Fire support vehicle


United Nations Space Command


The M35 Anti-Infantry Support Platform, colloquially known as the Cougar, is an armoured fighting vehicle and fire support platform employed by the military forces of the United Nations Space Command.[1]


Design details[edit]

The Cougar is a six-wheeled IFV, engineered for swift transit and high mobility.[1]


The Cougar is equipped for dealing damage to enemy heavy armour; it posesses twin M68 Gauss cannons mounted in a turret atop the vehicle and an additional M43 heavy machine gun to provide covering fire.[1]


The Cougar's performance saw it take a key role during the Insurrection. During the conflict, the Cougar was well-suited to operating in occupied urban terrain.[1]

Production notes[edit]

Main article: Cut Halo Wars units#Cougar

"The Cougar is a heavily armored anti-infantry support unit used on the battlefield, specifically rough terrain. Equipped with dual M68 gauss cannons and an automated gun with computer targeting. Capable of long range travel and speeds of up to 90MPH."
— Concept art description

The Cougar is a vehicle originally designed by Ensemble Studios and modelled by 3D artist Matthew Burke for inclusion in Halo Wars. The vehicle was ultimately cut from the game prior to release. The vehicle was later fully-canonised in the Halo Encyclopedia (2022 edition), with the vehicle's lore and armament closely matching the lore flavour text given in the original concept art.

The Cougar was one of several potential ideas suggested by MEGA Construx in a 2022 fan vote for which set should be created next. Concept art for the Cougar was provided alongside the Reaver, Warden Eternal and Flood invasion at Traxus Tower - though ultimately did not win the vote.[2]



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