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Murat gun truck

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Murat gun truck
Technical specifications


One Sawtooth chaingun[1]


One driver, one gunner[1]


One passenger[1]



Gao Republic[1]


The Murat gun truck is a relatively small truck.[1]


Murat gun trucks consist of a front cab followed by a truck bed, in which there is a Sawtooth chaingun.[1] The Sawtooth is operated manually by a gunner which stands behind it. Murats are known to be used by the Gao Republic. On December 14, 2553, a pair of them was protecting a convoy carrying President Arlo Casille when it was ambushed by two United Nations Space Command teams working in concert. The Spartan-IIIs, Mark-G313 and Ash-G099, were able to effortlessly subdue the trucks' gunners and take over their Sawtooths.[1]

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