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Sawtooth chaingun

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20mm Sawtooth chaingun
Production overview


Machine gun[1]


Ammunition type:

20mm rounds[1]


Fully automatic[1]


The Sawtooth is a fully-automatic chaingun employed by security forces of the Gao Republic.[1]


Design details[edit]

The Sawtooth chaingun is fully automatic and fires 20mm rounds. Sawtooths are mounted in the beds of Murat gun trucks used by the Gao Republic.[1]


On December 14, 2553, a pair of Murats was protecting a convoy carrying President Arlo Casille when it was ambushed by two United Nations Space Command teams working in concert. The Spartan-IIIs, Mark-G313 and Ash-G099 were able to effortlessly subdue the trucks' gunners and take over their Sawtooths.[1]

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