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Third-person view of a SPARTAN-IV firing the Hydra MLRS in Halo Infinite multiplayer.
A CAVALLINO-clad Spartan firing an MLRS-2 Hydra.

The Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) Gyroc Launcher, colloquially nicknamed the Hydra, is a series of handheld missile launchers developed by Chalybs Defense Solutions for use by the military forces of the United Nations Space Command.[1][2]


A RECRUIT-clad Spartan firing an MLRS-1 Hydra.

Design details[edit]

Hydras are multiple-rocket launchers designed to fire 9X-G high explosive, airbursting (HEAB) gyroscopically-stabilised rockets. They are infantry-portable and held akin to a rifle. The fore of the weapon contains a revolving cylinder typically holding six rockets which can be semi-automatically fired in rapid succession. The Hydra's most unique feature is its lock-on. The weapons' targeting and detection suite is capable of locking onto enemy infantry and vehicles, with the rockets fired self-guiding onto these targets.[1][2]


Hydras are relatively recent additions into the UNSC arsenal. As of 2558, the MLRS-1 Hydra had only been issued to operatives of the Spartan Operations division and had yet to see widespread usage among the regular military.[1]


There are two major production lines of the Hydra in service - the MLRS-1 and MLRS-2. Each line has its own sub-variants.

MLRS-1 Hydra[edit]

The MLRS-1 Hydra was employed by UNSC forces during the early stages of the Created conflict.[1][2]

MLRS-2 Hydra[edit]

The MLRS-2 Hydra is employed by UNSC forces operating on Installation 07.[2]

  • Pursuit Hydra: a variant of the MLRS-2 firing rockets with a higher velocity and lower targeting time.[5][6]


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