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H5G Render HydraMLRS-Echidna.png
Production overview


Model series:



Multiple rocket launcher



91 centimeters (36 in)[1][2]


14 centimeters (5.6 in)[1]


38 centimeters (15.1 in)[1]


11.0 kilograms (24.3 lb)[1]

Ammunition type:

9X-G High-Explosive Air Bursting Gyroc rockets (EMP variant)[1]

Feed system:

6-rocket revolving cylinder[1]

Firing mode:

Semi-automatic (200 rpm)[1][3]

Muzzle velocity:

31.86 m/s (104.5 ft/s; 114.7 km/h)[3]

Effective range:

  • 41.46 m (136.0 ft) (unscoped)[3]
  • 124.32 m (407.9 ft) (scoped, 2×)[3]
  • 621.79 m (2,040 ft) (scoped, 5×)[3]
Service history

In service:

Post-Covenant War conflicts


"Experimental mini-missile warheads are just one of Chalybs Defense's many R&D projects. Advanced Hydra Launcher loaded with experimental EMP warheads capable of temporarily disabling enemy vehicles."
— In-game description[4]

The Echidna is a special variant of the Multiple Launch Rocket System-1 Hydra Gyroc Launcher. Named after the Lernaean Hydra's mother, it is one of two major sub-variants of the MLRS-1 line to be utilised by the United Nations Space Command. Unlike the standard Hydras made by Chalybs, Typhon has been upgraded by the Watershed Division, an R&D group within the Office of Naval Intelligence.[1]


Design details[edit]

The Echidna is a named variant of the MLRS-1 HGL, upgraded to fire experimental, non-nuclear warheads capable of generating an electromagnetic pulse and have a second zoom level that can detect targets up to 2,040 feet (622 m) away. The weapon's experimental EMP-equipped warheads are just one of Chalybs Defense Solutions' many R&D projects.[4] Design-wise, it retains the Hydra Launcher's chassis but recolors it to a predominantly white color broken up by olive green and red stripes, along with an olive green falcon emblem in the middle part of the weapon on each side.[5]

Another named variant, the Typhon, is also produced by the Watershed Division.[1]


In late 2558, Spartan-IVs serving aboard the UNSC Infinity trained with the Echidna in War Games simulations.[5]

In-game information[edit]

Halo 5: Guardians[edit]

The Echidna is an Ultra Rare 6 energy Power Weapon REQ that grants REQ Points 150 REQ Points when sold. It operates exactly identically to a normal Hydra Launcher except that it has the ability to temporarily shut down vehicles with its EMP-equipped missiles within a 6.6-meter radius, and it can lock on to targets even when hipfired. Similarly to the High Five, the Echidna also comes with a strong secondary zoom level that allows it to seek out targets as far as 621.79 meters away. These traits make the Echidna an effective anti-vehicle weapon, especially during Warzone, where the player may encounter bosses in vehicles (e.g. Malevian Armsman). Conversely, it is less effective against infantry despite retaining its two-shot kill ability from the Typhon and normal Hydra Launcher, as it deals the least total damage out of the three (one direct missile is not enough to fully drain shields) and can only kill a full shield, full health Spartan with an entire magazine of 6 missiles aimed at the Spartan's feet in an extremely tight radius of 0.3 m (1.0 ft). Although it can detect targets as far back as 621.79 m, the missiles will disappear after approximately 1,000 feet (305 m), so unless the targets move towards the player, the missiles are unlikely to hit targets from extreme distances.[3][5]

Changes from the Hydra Launcher[edit]

  • Fires experimental EMP warheads that can temporarily disable vehicles within a 6.6-meter radius.
  • Can lock on to enemy targets even when hipfired.
  • Missiles deal less damage to the point of indirect hits being almost useless against infantry.
  • Significantly increased range. Can seek out targets up to 621.79 meters away with a second zoom level.
    • Standard Smart-Link red reticle range is no longer multiplied by 3.6, instead by 3.0.
    • Hipfire red reticle range increased by 70%.


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