M57 Pilum

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M57 Pilum
Production overview


Chalybs Defense Solutions[1][2]


Surface-to-surface rocket launcher[1]



140 centimeters (4.5 ft)[1][2]


18 centimeters (0.6 ft)[1]


34 centimeters (1.1 ft)[1]

Ammunition type:

M29 50x137mm high explosive, multi-purpose (HEMP)[2][1]

Feed system:

2-rocket magazine[1]

Rate of fire:

63 RPM (1 rocket / 0.95 sec)[3]

Muzzle velocity:

42.67 m/s (140.0 ft/s; 95.45 mph)[3]


2x smart-link magnification[2]

Effective range:

Long to very long

  • 152.4 metres (500 ft) (unscoped)[3]
  • 274.3 metres (900 ft) (scoped)[3]
Service history

In service:

Post-Covenant War conflicts[1]


The M57 Pilum Assault Weapon (M57 PAW) is a shoulder-fired heavy weapon issued to personnel of the UNSC Army, UNSC Marine Corps, and the Spartan branch around October 2558.[1] It performs very similarly to the M41 SPNKR, its predecessor.[1]


Design details[edit]

Despite performing much the same as the M41 rocket launcher, the M57 rocket launcher is cheaper and substantially lighter. The M57 rocket launcher is also significantly different in design philosophy, featuring a single, reusable, fixed tube and detachable box magazines rather than dual, rotating, pre-loaded, disposable tubes.[1][2]

The weapon is fed by a two-round detachable box magazine on the upper left side, forward of the user. The magazine retracts into the weapon when chambering each round, similar to the Pez'tk-pattern fuel rod gun. A 2× magnification scope folds out from a module on the left side when activated. Its missiles are able to lock onto aircraft if the operator uses smart scope.[2] Standard warheads used by the rocket launcher are M29 50x130mm high-explosive multi-purpose, but specialist rounds are also available, including those with thermobaric fillers or dumb AI-driven "brilliant" guidance systems.[1]


A number of specialist variants of the Pilum are available.[2]

  • Ad Victoriam: An improved M57 that fires three laser-guided missiles in a "V" formation, all equipped with an airburst proximity fuse. The operator can use smart scope in order to guide the missiles with the reticle, and doing so will fire the missiles in a cluster rather than a "V" formation.[4]
  • High Five: This advanced M57 fires five MLRS-1 Hydra mini-missiles that will lock onto both ground and air targets. Unlike the base model and the Ad Victoriam, smart scope is not needed for the High Five's missiles to lock onto targets. Much like the Echidna variant of the Hydra MLRS, the High Five also features a 5× zoom mode that allows the weapon to seek out targets as far as 762 metres (2,500 ft).[5]


The Pilum saw usage in the post-war era, issued to UNSC Army, UNSC Marine Corps, and Spartan Operations personnel with the goal of countering enemy vehicles and Promethean Knights.[1][6][7]


Main article: Rocket Launcher

The M57 Pilum is featured as a usable weapon called the "Rocket Launcher", in Halo 5: Guardians. It is a power weapon, which fires slow-moving rockets that deal an incredible amount of damage upon detonation, with a wide area of effect. The Rocket Launcher is one of the most powerful weapons in the game, and to compensate, it has a small magazine size, slow reload speed and ammo is generally very rare.

Non-canon and dubious canon appearances[edit]

Silver Timeline[edit]

Main article: Silver Timeline

M57 Pilums are used by UNSC personnel in battles against the Covenant.[8]


  • The M57 bears broad similarities to the anti-air rocket launcher cut from the original Halo: Combat Evolved and the G4H-DuSH cut from Halo 3.
  • The weapon's color palette was changed between the multiplayer beta and final release, going from a more subdued green color to a more vivid green with yellow accents, possibly to increase visual recognition and alert players to its presence.
  • The Pilum is named after the thrown javelin of the ancient Roman army.



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