CQS48 Bulldog

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CQS48 Bulldog
The CQS48 Bulldog's product logo.

From Inside Infinite - July 2021

Production overview


Misriah Armory[1]





37.5 inches (95 cm)[2]

Ammunition type:

M301 12-gauge magnum[1][2]

Feed system:

8-round rotating drum[2]



Rate of fire:


Service history

In service:

Post-Covenant War conflicts


The CQS48 Bulldog, otherwise known as the CQS-48 Combat Shotgun, is a type of human shotgun manufactured by Misriah Armory in Eos Chasma. It is in service with the UNSC, being employed by UNSC forces onboard UNSC Infinity in 2560. During the Battle for Zeta Halo in the same year, many CQS48 were seemingly scavenged and employed by Banished-affiliated Jiralhanae.[1]


Design details[edit]

The CQS48 Bulldog is a pump-action combat shotgun which fires 12-gauge shells from an 8-round rotating drum.[2]After every shot, the foregrip must be retracted and pushed forward again to work the weapon's action and rotate the cylindrical magazine into the next position. The rotary magazine allows the CQS48 to replenish its supply of loaded ammunition substantially faster than the non-detachable magazines of the M45 and M90 shotguns. However, the 12-gauge ammunition it fires is substantially smaller. The Bulldog integrates iron sights and multiple attachment rail segments on its body. The CQS48 used in 2560 features a matte black and dark grey finish.[1]

The weapon's side contains various decals including barcode which translates to details of the weapon's manufacturer, the Misriah Armory facility at Eos Chasma, Mars and the weapon's name - CQS48 Combat Shotgun.

Operational history[edit]

CQS48 Bulldogs originating from the UNSC Infinity,[3] were used during the Battle for Zeta Halo in 2560.[1]


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The CQS48 has a ready ammo count of 7.[4] The pickup prompt indicates that the CQS48 is a "shotgun", with "kinetic" and "spread" properties. The weapon can be fired rapidly, with a much higher rate of fire than previous shotguns in the franchise, at the expense of heavier vertical recoil during rapid fire.[1] Unlike shotguns in the previous games, the CQS48 Bulldog is not a one-shot-kill weapon when fighting multiplayer Spartans at close range, instead requiring at least two shots to kill. However, some enemies like Unggoy can still be killed with one shot.[5]


  • Convergence Bulldog: An improved version of the Bulldog with an increased mag from 7 to 12 and has a decreased spread making shots more accurate allowing for more damaged per shot.


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