Season 05: Reckoning

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Season 04: Infection

Season 05: Reckoning
Season 05: Reckoning clean key art

Start date:

October 17, 2023[1]

End date:

January 30, 2024

Number of tiers:


Total unlock cost:

Pass purchase cost:

  • 1,000 cR (Premium Battle Pass)
  • 2,800 cR (Premium Pass Bundle)

Includes content for:

Halo Infinite


Season 05: Reckoning[2] is the current season of Halo Infinite, which launched on October 17, 2023.[1]


Ancillary materials[edit]

Season Content[edit]

Sampling of the Season 05: Reckoning Battle Pass
A preview of some of the customization items featured in Season 05.

General overview[edit]

  • 50-tier Battle pass
  • New armors
  • New weapon model for the CQS48 Bulldog, M392 Bandit, M41D SPNKr, MA40 assault rifle, and SRS99-S7 AM sniper rifle
  • New sandbox items:
    • M392 Bandit EVO, which is the new default starting weapon in Ranked modes.
    • Repair Field
  • New multiplayer maps
  • New multiplayer modes:
  • Events evolved into "Operations", with two being featured in Season 5:
  • Various quality of life improvements
    • Cross-core helmets
    • Custom Game Browser improvements
    • Earnable XP in Custom Games
    • Forge updates[3]
      • Forge AI toolkit: Normal enemies, High Value Targets, and Campaign Bosses
      • Two Forge canvases: Barrage and Permafrost
      • New Banished and Winter objects
      • Forge objects collision toggle
      • Global Material Swatches for Forge Objects
      • Light Generation, Local Light, Reflection Volume, and PC Control Improvements
      • Massless Children PreFab property
      • Scalable Blocker Objects
      • Skull nodes
    • Menu improvements
    • Ranked improvements: Demotion Protection, changes on Ranked Extraction, and Penalty changes for Uneven Ranked Matches
    • Several coatings from past seasons updated to be multi-core (94 Armor Coatings, 45 Weapon Coatings, and 24 Vehicle Coatings)
    • Store updates
    • Ultimate Challenge Rewards bundled instead of rewarding individual customization items
    • Updated Career Rank rewards: reaching the "Hero" ranks unlocks the Infinite Mark VI Armor Kit

Content overview[edit]

XP Boosts, Challenge Swaps, and Credits[edit]

  • XP Boosts
  • Challenge Swaps
  • 1,000 Credits

General Customization[edit]

  • 9 Nameplates: Bonecrusher, Feline Spooky, Ghoulie Grunts, Ghoulish Glee, Ghotic Grunt, Green EOD, Pumpkin Trouble, Reaper Grunt, Revenant of Reach
  • 9 Armor/Vehicle/Weapon Emblems: Bonecrusher, Feline Spooky, Ghoulie Grunts, Ghoulish Glee, Ghotic Grunt, Green EOD, Pumpkin Trouble, Reaper Grunt, Revenant of Reach
  • 8 Armor Coatings: Blood Resonance, Corrupter, Devil Tiger, Pumpkin Lord, Pumpkin Spice, Sanguine Bond, Shadow Drift, Tarnished Olympus
  • 4 Weapon Coatings: Blood Resonance, Blighted Steel, Shaded Showdown, Tipping Point
  • 2 Vehicle Coatings: Border Knight, Glorious Destiny
  • 6 Weapon Charms: Crimson Scythe, Haunted Halloween, Ghoulish Gourd, Ghoulish Grunt, Mini Magnum, Sword and Key
  • 1 Armor Effect: Cruel Tread
  • 4 Visors: Calavera Epsilon, Grey Mist, Hazard Stripes, Hex Pumpkins
  • 1 Mythic Effect: Rotten Vitality
  • 1 Weapon Model: Defiled Bulldog

Mark V[B] Core[edit]

  • 5 Helmets: Defiler, EOD, Security, GUNGNIR, Pilot
  • 5 Helmet Attachments: MK40 CBRN, FC/Alfa, UA/CPU-001, Sightless Eyes, TAS/GUNGNIR MOD 3
  • 3 Chests: Defiled Hope, UA/Boarding Plate, UA/Test Article 34
  • 5 Shoulder Pads: Defiled Plate, SAP/AAPH, SAP/ELT, SAP/SHO, TAC/Crys Flatblade
  • 2 Wrists: Defiled Touch, UA/T2A2 Bracer
  • 1 Glove: Challenger II
  • 3 Kneepads: Defiled Cap, UA/Type KLT, UA/Type RWR
  • 3 Utilities: M15 Hardcase, UA/Plate II, UA/Type 6O
  • 1 Armor Kit: Rusalka


Please see the respective operations pages for their Operation Passes.
List of Operations
Season Operation Content Duration
Key art for the Combined Arms Operation
Combined Arms
20-Tier Operation Pass with exclusive customization options for the Rakshasa armor core 14 November - 19 December 2023
Key art of the Winter Contingency III Operation
Winter Contingency III
20-Tier Operation Pass with exclusive customization options for the Mark VII armor core 19 December 2023 - 30 January 2024

Battle Pass[edit]

Tiers 1 to 10[edit]

Level Tier Unlocks Images
1 Free XP Boost Season Pass Icon
2 Free
Premium Hip Attachment - UA/PLATE II UA/PLATE II
3 Free Weapon Charm - Haunted Halloween Haunted Halloween weapon charm
4 Free
Premium 200 Credits Icon of the Credits icon.
5 Free XP Boost Season Pass Icon
Premium Helmet - Security HINF SECURITY Helmet Icon.png
6 Free
7 Free
8 Free
9 Free
10 Free
Premium Helmet Attachment (Mark V(B)) - UA/CPU-001 The future of military policing.

Tiers 11 to 20[edit]

Level Tier Unlocks Images
11 Free
12 Free
13 Free
14 Free Helmet - GUNGNIR HINF GUNGNIR Helmet Icon.png
15 Free Helmet - EOD HINF EOD Helmet Icon.png
16 Free
17 Free
18 Free
Premium Challenger II Epic, Chalybs: Product improved protection.
19 Free Helmet Attachment (Mark V(B)) - TAS/GUNGNIR MOD 3 The Wyrd III target acquisition package has gone on to be a defining standard of UNSC fire control systems.
20 Free Chest - Defiled Hope Flood toga

Tiers 21 to 30[edit]

Level Tier Unlocks Images
21 Premium
22 Premium
23 Premium Helmet Attachment (Mark V(B)) - MK40 CBRN Menu icon for MK40 CBRN
24 Premium 200 Credits Icon of the Credits icon.
25 Premium
26 Premium
27 Premium
28 Premium Helmet Attachment (Mark V(B)) - FC/ALFA Optical filters and hardened sensors used for direct observation of exotic radiation bursts, such as those produced by NOVA detonations.
29 Premium
30 Premium

Tiers 31 to 40[edit]

Level Tier Unlocks Images
31 Premium
32 Premium
33 Premium
34 Premium 200 Credits Icon of the Credits icon.
35 Premium
36 Premium
37 Premium
38 Premium
39 Premium 200 Credits Icon of the Credits icon.
40 Premium

Tiers 41 to 50[edit]

Level Tier Unlocks Images
41 Premium Kneecap (Mark V[B]) - Defiled Cap Little brains
42 Premium Left Shoulder (Mark V[B]) - Defiled Plate Defiled Plate FJ/PARA left shoulder
Right Shoulder (Mark V[B]) - Defiled Plate Defiled Plate FJ/PARA right shoulder
43 Premium Helmet - Defiler Defiler helmet, a Flood infected Mark V(B) helmet, in Halo Infinite.
44 Premium 200 Credits Icon of the Credits icon.
45 Premium Mythic Effect - Cruel Tread With each step, the Flood rises higher.
46 Premium Wrist (Mark V[B]) - Defiled Touch Defiled Touch
47 Premium Helmet Attachment (Mark V[B]) - Sightless Eyes Sightless Eyes
48 Premium Visor - Calavera Epsilon Legendary, 343 Industries: Custom VISR material.
49 Premium Armor Effect - Rotten Vitality In sickness, a new kind of health.
50 Premium Armor Kit (Mark V[B]) - Rusalka Devour. Deluge. Unity. Peace. We hunger. We find. We envelop. Searching. Seeking. More. Patterns and process and places. More. UPSILON. CORRUPTER. No. Not for you. No solution. No security. Let them come. You are ours. You are us. You are mine. We have waited. We are waiting still. We are outside you, but you are within us. Your great strength made all the greater. Become this. Become us. Become one. And sing victory everlasting.
Armor coating - Corrupter Icon of the Corruptor armor coating.

Drop Pods and Patch Notes[edit]


Promotional images[edit]