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Fractures: Tenrai (Week 6)


Fractures: Entrenched (Week 1)

Wallpaper/banner of the Interference event.

Start date:

May 3, 2022

End date:

May 16, 2022

Number of tiers:


Includes content for:

Halo Infinite


Interference is a multiplayer event for Halo Infinite held between 3 and 16 May, 2022. It is the first event of Season 02: Lone Wolves, as well as the first Narrative Event.

Plot summary[edit]

Taking place shortly after the Lone Wolves Intro Cinematic, this event depicts the Spartans of the Avery J. Johnson Academy of Military Science take part in combat simulations on the Banished shipbreaking yard on Camber as a ploy to bait Iratus out of Dinh's armor.

Cutscene Transcript[edit]

Chapter 1[edit]

Spartan Laurette Agryna is standing in a server room, facing away from the camera and holding a data pad.

  • Spartan Commander Laurette Agryna: "Me and Dinh, we came up together. He's a fighter. But that Banished AI..."

Agryna turns to face the camera.

  • Agryna: "It's gonna kill him if we don't act fast and break a few rules. I gave the order to upload the schematics of the Banished facility on Camber to our combat simulation. And now..."

Agryna interacts with her data pad, which causes the lights on the server blocks behind her to light up.

  • Agryna: "There's an open door for Iratus. I need you and as many Spartans as possible to hit the sim. When you do, I'm betting Iratus gets... irritated -- angry enough to leave Dinh and go after you. And when he does, we'll slam the door shut behind him. So yeah. You and your teammates are the bait. Try not to get bitten."

Chapter complete[edit]

The scene starts with a look at the Office of Naval Intelligence logo on a server stack. Panning towards Laurette Agryna, while sirens are blaring in the background.

  • Spartan Commander Laurette Agryna: "You damn well did it, Spartan! Iratus took the bait - and now we got him locked-up in here, along with the entire Banished archive!"

One of the server stacks sparks with the sounds of Iratus growling, Agryna turns towards it.

  • Agryna: "You done? Or do you need me to go find a muzzle?"

Agryna turns to the Spartan again.

  • Agryna: "Spartan Dinh... he's still in the infirmary, but he'll pull through, thanks to you. In the meantime, we're gonna put all this fancy ONI hardware to work on cracking that archive. And maybe teach our new guest how to play nice."

Event playlist[edit]

This event introduces the Last Spartan Standing mode with a playlist of the same name. This playlist exclusively features Breaker as its only map.

Event Pass tiers[edit]

Level Unlocks Images
1 Backdrop - Iratus Icon image of the Iratus Backdrop.
2 AI Color - Castor's Keeper Icon of the Castor's Keeper IA Color.
3 Stance - Safety Off Icon of the Safety Off Stance.
4 Weapon Coating (MK50 Sidekick) - Onyx Timberwolf Icon of the Onyx Timberwolf Coating.
5 Helmet (Rakshasa) - Shikari Icon for the Shikari helmet.
6 Chest (Rakshasa) - AAP/Kard Plate Icon of the AAP/Kard Plate chest.
7 Knee Pads (Rakshasa) - UA/TYPE PTL Icon of the UA/Type PTL knee pads.
8 Weapon Coating (S7 Sniper) - Onyx Timberwolf Icon of the Onyx Timberwolf Coating.
9 Visor (Rakshasa) - Wulfenite Eyes Icon of the Wulfenite Eyes Visor.
10 Helmet Attachment (Rakshasa) - TAS [2]/PATTERNWOLF Icon of the TAS[2]/PATTERNWOLF helmet attachment.


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