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AAP is a series of supplemental armor attachments and accessories compatible with the MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor.[1]

Known modules and configurations[edit]

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DAKH Ordnance Pack[edit]

Icon image of the Ordnance Pack Chest in Halo Infinite.
The DAKH Ordnance Pack on the Mark VII armor.

Manufactured by Beweglichkeitsrüstungsysteme, the DAKH Ordnance Pack includes an armored girdle and a munition attachment.[2]

In-game information[edit]

The AAP armor types are unlockable as armor customization options in Halo Infinite.

Mark VII[edit]

Chest Manufacturer Lore Rarity Unlock Requirements
Icon image of the Ordnance Pack Chest in Halo Infinite.
AAP/Dakh Ordnance Pack
Beweglichkeitsrüstungsysteme Armored girdle and munition attachment. Epic Purchase "ISR" Bundle from the Shop for 1,000 cR
Icon of the AAP Drachen Ordnance Pack Chest.
AAP/Drachen Ordnance Pack
Emerson Tactical Systems Some trouble spots require a bit more care and attention with heavy weapons. Epic Purchase "War Master Armor Set" Bundle from the Shop for 1,200 cR
Icon of the APP/Ordnance Pack Mike Utility.
AAP/Ordnance Pack Mike
Materials Group A little extra ordinance for peace of mind. Epic Purchase "Soldier Armor Set" Bundle from the Shop for 2,000 cR


Chest Manufacturer Lore Rarity Unlock Requirements
Banished Banished battleplate is not quite as sophisicated as top-of-the-line Mjolnir panels ... yet. Legendary Season 02: Lone Wolves Battle Pass level 90 (Premium)
Icon of the AAP/Kard Plate chest.
AAP/Kard Plate
New Tyne Armory Simple and cheap armor plating fabricated using frontier miniaturing equipment. Rare Interference Event Pass level 6

Mirage IIC[edit]

Chest Manufacturer Lore Rarity Unlock Requirements
AAP/K-ROC Ordnance Pack chest icon
AAP/K-ROC Ordnance Pack
Materials Group Up-armor vest and gear rig developed specifically to be a cheap, easily sourced, and comfortable to use with MIRAGE I and MIRAGE II SPI suits. Epic Season 03: Echoes Within Battle Pass level 39 (Premium)
AAP/Granit chest icon
Korolev Heavy Industries Rated highly among veterans. Legendary Complete the "Greatest Heights" Ultimate Challenge between May 9 and 16, 2023


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