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GUNGNIR-class Mjolnir

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This article is about the MJOLNIR Mark V[G] variant developed from Project GUNGNIR. For the MJOLNIR Mark IV[G] variant, also known as the Grenadier armor, see GRENADIER-class Mjolnir.
GUNGNIR-class Mjolnir from Halo: Reach armor permutation in Halo: The Master Chief Collection menu.
Production overview


Misriah Armory (GEN1)[1]
Hannibal Weapon Systems (GEN2)[2]

Testing site(s):

Rajtom Facility (GEN1)[1]
WG/Facility 93-00/Kotka (GEN2)[2]





Optimized use of the M6 Spartan Laser from Project GUNGNIR[1]


GUNGNIR-class Mjolnir, also designated as the MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor/G variant on the Mark V platform, is a MJOLNIR armor variant originally designed by Misriah Armory,[1] with the GEN2 version being manufactured by Hannibal Weapon Systems.[4]

GEN1 overview[edit]


The GUNGNIR helmet's visor is a "blast visor",[1] which is boxy and comes with more facial protection than any other helmet as it fully covers the front of the head and it replaces the usage of a visor with a small camera on the left that displays the outside to the user. It bears a white stripe running down the right side with the Norse symbol for Gungnir in the center.[5] The helmet also has Wyrd III synchronized optimization which seamlessly connects the helmet to an M6 Spartan Laser to allow full access to the weapon.[1] Project GUNGNIR also developed supplementary armor systems, including shoulder pauldrons and knee guards.[5]

Development history[edit]

Main article: Project GUNGNIR

It was developed as a part of the GUNGNIR Program by a separate but parallel team, as a modification of existing Mjolnir variants optimized for the use of the M6 Spartan Laser.[1] The GUNGNIR program also produced several supplemental armor like pauldrons and knee guards.[5]


The shoulder pauldrons and knee guards were employed on the cross-branch Battle Dress Uniform, which was adapted into the UNSC Army BDU, the UNSC Marine Corps BDU, and a variant of the ODST armor.[6][7][8]

GEN2 overview[edit]


The GEN2 armor with the Pulse skin.

The physical architecture of the GEN2 GUNGNIR body armor strongly resembles the COS-class Mjolnir, which was tested on ANVIL Station.[9] The GEN2 GUNGNIR helmet, unlike its Mark V iteration, is round. Like the previous iterations, there is no visor, but the video camera has moved from the left side to the right side of the helmet. The helmet is less angular overall, and the front extends much less than its predecessor.

The helmet continues to have Wyrd III integrated video optics, though the helmet has enhanced cranial plating now. The chest has a centralized power-distribution capacitor(Servo L-903), and a breach-anchored collar system for in-field modification.[2]

Development history[edit]

Continuing from the GEN1 variants, Hannibal acquired the rights to create a GEN2 variant. Hannibal then created and tested it at the WG/Facility 93-00/Kotka.[2][10]


Despite being considered an exclusive armor set, many Spartans have adopted GUNGNIR regardless of their weapon loadouts due to its isolated video optics, Wyrd III sensory optimization, and enhanced cranial plating. This was especially useful when operating at or near Covenant manufacturing sites, as it protected against intense flare radiometric conditions.[2]

The GUNGNIR target acquisition and tracking system has been adapted into various UNSC weapon systems.[11]

In-game information[edit]

Halo: Reach - GEN1 Mark V[edit]

All GUNGNIR armor types can be unlocked in the Halo: Reach's Armory through the game's purchase system via the use of cR. In Halo: The Master Chief Collection, the GUNGNIR set is attainable in the Season 1: Noble progression system.

Armor Description Unlock requirements
(Halo: Reach)
Unlock requirements
(Halo: MCC)
HR Gungnir Helmet Icon.png
The Mk.V[G] was developed as part of the GUNGNIR Program alongside the M6 G/GNR Weapon system.

The GUNGNIR Program involved the development of the many supplementary armor systems.

Halo: Reach rank icon Brigadier, 250,000 cR Season 1, Tier 85 (Season point 1)
HR Gungnir HURS Helmet Icon.png
Hardened uplink/remote sensor package. A favorite of sniper units. Halo: Reach rank icon Brigadier, 125,000 cR Season 1, Tier 89 (Season point 1)
HR Gungnir CBRN Helmet Icon.png
For operations in hazard zones. Halo: Reach rank icon Mythic, 400,000 cR Season 1, Tier 94 (Season point 1)
HR Gungnir LShoulder Icon.pngHR Gungnir RShoulder Icon.png
GUNGNIR shoulders
The Supplemental Armor, Pauldron, MJOLNIR Mk.V[G] was developed as part of the GUNGNIR Program. Halo: Reach rank icon Warrant Officer, 8000 cR Season 1, Tier 36 (Season point 1)
HR Gungnir Knee Icon.png
The GUNGNIR Program also produced many supplementary armor systems. Halo: Reach rank icon Captain, 25,000 cR Season 1, Tier 48 (Season point 1)

Halo 4 - GEN2[edit]

GUNGNIR was one of the armor permutations to return, albeit completely redesigned for GEN2, in Halo 4. In The Master Chief Collection, the GUNGNIR set and its Pulse (PULS) skin variant are available by default.

Armor Description Unlock requirements
(Halo 4)
Unlock requirements
(Halo: MCC)
H4 MJOLNIR Gungnir.png
Description (H4): Now widely used, this armor was originally designed in parallel with the nonlinear rifle. Complete the Slayer Victory - Master commendation. Unlocked by default.
Helmet description (MCC): Designed in parallel with the M6 G/GNR "Spartan Laser".
Shoulders description (MCC): Modular left/right spaulder from GUNGNIR-class armor.
Chest description (MCC): Suit electronics are shielded against intense radiometric conditions.
Halo 4 preorder bonus (GUNGNIR Pulse).png
GUNGNIR Pulse (PULS) skin
Description (H4): Customized with PULSE armor skin. Unlocked by default.
Helmet description (MCC) GUNGNIR helmet customized with PULSE coating.
Shoulder description (MCC) GUNGNIR left/right spaulder customized with PULSE coating.
Chest description (MCC) GUNGNIR chassis customized with PULSE coating.

Halo 5: Guardians - GEN2[edit]

The Halo 4 design of GUNGNIR returns in Halo 5: Guardians. The helmet and body armor are unlockable as armor permutations through the Requisition system. The body armor includes the GUNGNIR chest and shoulders, an unknown set of forearms, and LG-50 Bulk legs. The GEN2 GUNGNIR set only has one alternate skin, Dvalin.

Armor Description Unlock requirements
H5G REQ Helmets GUNGNIR Ultra Rare
GUNGNIR GEN2 (helmet)
The GUNGNIR target acquisition and tracking system has been adapted into various UNSC weapon systems. Ultra Rare REQ card
GUNGNIR Dvalin (helmet skin)
The GUNGNIR target acquisition and tracking system has been adapted into various UNSC weapon systems. Legendary REQ card
REQ Card - Armor GUNGNIR.png
Originally an adjunct to the Spartan Laser program, GUNGNIR-class armor has evolved to become a well-rounded infantry suit. Ultra Rare REQ card
GUNGNIR Dvalin (body skin)
Originally an adjunct to the Spartan Laser program, GUNGNIR-class armor has evolved to become a well-rounded infantry suit. Legendary REQ card

Halo Infinite - Upgraded GEN1 and GEN3[edit]

The GUNGNIR Mark V shoulder pauldrons return in Halo Infinite, available under the SAP category for the Mark V(B) core.[3] The Mark V knee guards will also be available.[12] The GEN3 GUNGNIR helmet is available for use on the Mark VII core.

Production notes[edit]

  • In Norse mythology, Gungnir ("swaying one") is Odin's magical spear, which is an infallibly accurate weapon. The GUNGNIR helmet has only one video camera "eye" on one side of the face; in Norse mythology, Odin also had one eye. This is a theme of the Spartan armor systems as MJOLNIR is the name of Thor's hammer.
  • During the Halo: Reach Multiplayer Beta, the final model for the GUNGNIR shoulder pauldron was designated as the EOD shoulder pauldron, and costed 1,000 cR.[13]
  • In pre-release Halo 4 renders and the icon used to select the armor in Halo: The Master Chief Collection, the forearms on the render were not available to be used in any release version of Halo 4. These forearms would later used on the Halo 5: Guardians GUNGNIR armor.
  • The Dvalin skin for the GUNGNIR armor in Halo 5: Guardians is named after Dvalinn, a dwarf who appears in several Old Norse tales and kennings on Norse mythology. Dvalinn is also listed as one of the four stags of Yggdrasill.


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