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Blue Team wearing Project: COBALT variants on Alpha Corvi II.

Project: COBALT is a project that introduced a new chassis of MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor/Mark IV for Blue Team to use during the Human-Covenant War.[1]


In an effort to optimise each Spartan's field competencies and test skunkwork modifications, the Project: COBALT suits' titanium alloy frame were temporarily modified from their baseline Mark IV iterations to bear distinctive features.[2] The COBALT suits had prototype stealth technology that was in each suit[3], with the plating being tinted with the same refractive coating employed on the Office of Naval Intelligence's Prowlers.[2] The Spartans were advised to use it sparingly, as it was a large power draw. [4]

During the Battle of Alpha Corvi II, the suits were additionally outfitted with a suite of surveillance and reconnaissance equipment.[4]


COBALT CV.117[edit]

COBALT MV.104[edit]

  • COBALT MV.104: MV.104 featured carbon-fiber blades housed in the forearms of the armor. The blades could be locked in place or could be fired as a projectile for up to a hundred meters away, with them also having embedded beacons linked to internal displays for potential battlefield retrieval or vehicle tracking.[8] Worn by Fred-104 during the Battle of Alpha Corvi II.[5]

COBALT SV.058[edit]

  • COBALT SV.058: SV-058 featured advanced optics and rangefinder technology to enhance visual acuity on targets across a range of spectrums and environmental conditions. Linda-058 requisitioned a twin-engine external VTOL propulsion device that could be deployed to allow for rapid relocation at a moment's notice[9], though only one such unit was available at the time.[4] This suit was additionally equipped with the carbon-fiber blades used by MV.104.[4] Worn by Linda-058 during the Battle of Alpha Corvi II.[5]

COBALT RV.087[edit]

  • COBALT RV.087: RV.087 was outfitted with additional accoutrements that aided in reconassence and high-speed terrain traversal. The suit also had sensor suite designed specifically for accurate and timely battlefield analysis during extra-vehicular activity scenarios[3] and a surveillance drone. Worn by Kelly-087 during the Battle of Alpha Corvi II.[5]


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