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Collar is a category of chest pieces or configurations for use in conjunction with MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor.[1]


Design details[edit]

The Collar accessories are compatible with MJOLNIR Mark V. Aesthetically, all Collar configurations share a common design, in which they are extended to cover more of the wearer's pectoral region. The Collar/Grenadier chest piece extends around the neck to the far upper back, forming a "collar", hence the nomenclature.[1]


Spartan-II Jorge-052 from NOBLE Team employed the up-armored variant of the Collar/Grenadier chest piece.[2] After the Human-Covenant War, the Collar/Breacher configuration was employed by Hazel-A302 during her time at Outpost Discovery.[3] Additionally, the INDOMITABLE-class Mjolnir, being a recreation of Jorge-052's customized armor,[4] also featured the up-armored variant of the Collar/Grenadier chest piece.[5]

In-game information[edit]

Halo: Reach[edit]

All Collar armor types can be unlocked in the Halo: Reach's Armory through the game's purchase system via the use of cR. In Halo: The Master Chief Collection, the Collar armor types are attainable in the Season 1: Noble progression system, with a new variant, Collar/Grenadier [UA] [R], being introduced in Series 5: Anvil. This extension of the player models' aesthetic appearance does not affect their hit boxes, however, it can make for a slightly more visible target, especially in the case of the Collar/Grenadier [UA] variant.

Chest Description Unlock requirements
(Halo: Reach)
Unlock requirements
(Halo: MCC)
HR Grenadier Chest Icon.png
Collar/Grenadier chest
The [G] prototype was the test bed for incorporating shield technology with MJOLNIR PAA. Halo: Reach rank icon Captain, 4,000 cR Series 1, Tier 47 (Spartan Point 1)
HR Grenadier Chest Icon.png
Collar/Grenadier [UA] chest
Up-armored variant of the MJOLNIR [G] prototype. Halo: Reach rank icon General, 40,000 cR Series 1, Tier 49 (Spartan Point 1)
HR GrenadierUAR Chest Icon.png
Collar/Grenadier [UA] [R] chest
Mil-spec prosthetic limb and shield test bed platform. N/A Series 5, Tier 55 (Spartan Point 1)
HR Breacher Chest Icon.png
Collar/Breacher chest
Kick it in; section it off; lay them out. Halo: Reach rank icon Lieutenant Colonel, 8,000 cR Series 1, Tier 62 (Spartan Point 1)
HR Breacher Chest Icon.png
Collar/Breacher [R] chest
Unfortunately they don't make prosthetic situational awareness. Halo: Reach rank icon Lieutenant Colonel, 75,000 cR
(Collar/Breacher must already be purchased)
Series 1, Tier 62 (Spartan Point 1)

Halo 5: Guardians[edit]

The Collar/Grenadier [UA] chest piece is built into the INDOMITABLE-class Mjolnir, unlockable in armor customization through the Requisition system.[5]


  • Collar/Grenadier [UA] is the chest piece worn by Jorge-052, and even when the player has equipped the chest piece, Jorge's Spartan tag (052) can still be seen on the side of the armor piece. However, despite the fact that Jorge's chest plate has two colors, both different from the olive drab of his main body, the player's version can only be the same color as their primary color, even the faceshield.
  • When wearing Collar/Breacher [R], in first-person, THE PLAYER will always see the FJ/PARA shoulder piece regardless of which one they wear.


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