CBRN module

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The CBRN module (right) with a HUL (left).

The CBRN module is an external attachment for several MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor/Mark V helmets.[1]


The CBRN module is employed for operations in hazard zones, wherein chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threats are present.

There are two variants of CBRN module; the first is a single-piece rebreather covering the "mouth" area of the given helmet. The second takes the form of the pair of filter attachments on either side of the helmet, seen on the EOD helmet as a default attachment.



The CBRN is available as a helmet accessory in Halo: Reach. The device for the ODST Helmet costs 1000 cR while the one for the HAZOP variant is priced at 2000 cR.[2]


"CBRN" stands for chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear, and is pronounced "C-BURN". It is the same abbreviation used in real life, hence its association with the HAZOP armor permutation.

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