LCX-20V1 SinoViet sight-augmentation module

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A SCANNER helmet with the module on it.

The LCX-20V1 SinoViet sight-augmentation module, also known as the SinoViet LCX-20V1 sensor module, is an SV module created by SinoViet Heavy Machinery.[1]


The sensor module was created for extreme-range reconnaissance.[1] The modules lens can be configured with several VISR variants.[2]


The SCANNER-class Mjolnir helmet is designed to sync/dock with the SV module.[3] It does not mitigate operability, and can be slid back into a passive mode above the user's parietal plate.[1]

The sensor module is also compatible on other systems such as ODST armor.[3][4]


During the Second Ark Conflict, the module was used by Lance Corporal Sparks of Sunray 1-1 in combination with information provided by Boomerang Company's battlenet for threat assessments and tracking data on multiple targets at long range.[4]


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