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This article is about the UNSC communications network. For other uses, see Bnet.

"We need to get above this crap, link up with the bee-net. One of our drones must have seen where they hit."
Gunnery Sergeant Edward Buck

The UNSC distributed battle management and communication network, commonly known as the battle network, "battlenet"[1] or simply the "bee-net",[2] is the United Nations Space Command military communications network used for battlefield management and tactical support. Commanding officers of UNSC military units assume control over a dedicated shard of the battlenet to ensure operations are executed efficiently and safely.[1] The distributed battle management and communication network is the UNSC counterpart of the Covenant battle network.

Multiple variants of GEN2 Mjolnir armor feature dedicated upgrades to battle network communications, such as the Enforcer helmet, which directly uploads input from helmet-mounted cyloptics to the battlenet for online reviews by intelligence specialists and battlespace management AIs.[3] Theseus, a specialised Command Mantis operated by Jerome-092, incorporates a battlenet nexus relay into its hardware to allow deployed forces to remain connected, in the event that contact with UNSC Spirit of Fire is lost.[4][5]

UNSC ground forces are also able to use the battle network to link up with F-99 drone fighters. Each drone is equipped with an optics package, allowing ground forces to access the optical feed of F-99s operating in a given area to acquire a more complete picture of the battlefield. During the Battle of Mombasa in 2552, Gunnery Sergeant Edward Buck intended to link up with the battlenet to find the rest of his squad who were scattered around the city.[2]


"Bee-net" is phonetically similar to, a colloquial name for

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